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— by SAERIM4 Comments

chattering lack of common sense!!

heavily inspired by chattering lack of common sense by ghost and pals!

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— by nana

my current layout

used  ⋉sock⋊ ⋈thot#420⋈  layout as template and changed some things 

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— by !!𖤐Sleepy_Gh0st𖤐!!48 Comments

👁WeirdCore Layout ⁉

please credit me if you use this thank you

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— by ∺sock∺ ∺thot#420∺5 Comments

traumacore, hospital

a hospital/meat themed traumacore/weirdcore layout, with no pic srry

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— by ∺sock∺ ∺thot#420∺1 Comment

weirdcore shrooms

a weirdcore mushroom themed layout, 

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— by ∺sock∺ ∺thot#420∺7 Comments

weirdcore eyes

an eye themed weirdcore/dreamcore layout!  i cant upload screen caps rn though

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— by ∺sock∺ ∺thot#420∺1 Comment


a weird/dream/oddcore layout!

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— by scourge7 Comments


First layout ive ever uploaded, lets hope this goes well. I may make edits to this if i feel like it, if theres anything you'd like added, tell me in the comments and ill see what i can do :) credit is appreciated but not necessary, though please leave some kudos if you use it :)

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