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Pink&Black Bimbo Playboy

Pink & Black Bimbo Playboy Layout

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Scene kidz-Geoffrey Paris

COPY AND PASTE IN PROFLIE  COMMENT IF USED LYRICS HERE : 'm Scene... Obscene! (Repeats) Scene Kids, head full of weave Head full a' shit that's makin' me hot! Gotta brain dent Gotta cigarette Mommy and Daddy can't stand it yet! Racoon tails, Painted nails Credit card flippin' for 2 dolla' ring pops Uh oh better hurry to class... My sidekick says it's a quarter past. Scene kids, got that shit Myspa...

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2000s mcbling glitz n' glam

this is my 1st layout ever!! it's pretty good 4 my first try @ coding and html/css stuff, i must say! i wanted it 2 b a 2000s themed layout, w/ a few grunge/punk/rave/goth/emo/scene elements. basically i wanted it 2 look like og myspace c. 2004-2007. if u r interested in using my layout, plz give me credit on ur profile, and if u want 2, add me!! hope u like it, and i hope 2 make bigger and better...

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