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— by # GH0STI3 !!50 Comments

Jeff the killer stamp


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— by Mewo1 Comment

— by Mewo20 Comments


PEW PEW found on cursors4u Feel free to add me as a friend!!!

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— by sorren/clyde39 Comments

red black bloody heart layout thing

!!WARNING!! the cursor is a bloody knife!! COMMENT IF USING!!

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— by vel venomous 109 Comments

Dark grey/blueish layout

I spent super long on this lol, there's a bat cursor, if u don't want that it's at the end of the code. (credit me if u use this!)

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— by vel venomous 33 Comments

simple grey/black emo layout

one of my old layouts, if u dont want a panda cursor its the last bit of code at the bottom. (credit me if u use this!)

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— by wannacry1 Comment

— by Bo18 Comments


basically this is my first layout so idk if it will workkk but its very simple as far as the code just changed txt and header colors and background images (main bg is a gif) and also added a header and footer! i got the code for the header from !! and umm yeah lmk if this doesnt work for whatever reason (also blinkies in ss not included but if u want them just ask!!)

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— by Operator102 Comments

Gloomy layout

old layout i aint fixing anything comment "using" if ya do

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— by 10 Comments

rose custom spacehey logo

what it says on the tin. should work combined with any other layouts provided that the layout youre using doesnt already have a custom logo already or mess with it. also no need to credit me

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— by 10 Comments

edgy anime girl logo

what it says on the tin. should work combined with any other layouts provided that the layout youre using doesnt already have a custom logo already or mess with it. also no need to credit me.

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— by 9 Comments

Red Gothic/Vampire layout.

**The icons have been changed due to Imgur and Spacehey conflictions!! Sorry!!** |||| A red gothic / vampire vibe for your layout!! For some reason I could NOT get a cursor to work and I believe the loading screen is broken. I've been doing this layout for most of the day and I'm still going to post it. I'll eventually fix it when I get on the next time. The day I posted this alot was going on irl...

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— by ♱𝓗π“ͺ𝓷𝓷π“ͺ𝓱3 Comments

haida layout

[[[dont copy or steal]]] layout uses -online icon- -gif next to pfp- -hearts cursor-

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— by Fuckin Olive

black and red emo

its red, black, bloody and emo. couldnt find an image, sorry, but its like my old one. just go on my account to see what it looks like

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— by MRSMILKSHAKE31 Comments

emo 2010 layout

emo / scene 2010 themed layout ___________________________

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— by ianisdead19 Comments


used xXp3r0x1d3pr1nc3ssXx's layout as a base then added some stuff add your playlist to the "who i'd like to meet" section (i don't know why the preview is low quality) note (11/3/2023): the code is so messy agh

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— by Leon43 Comments

Jeff the Killer

"Go... to... SLEEP!" Here's a layout for anyone who's still into creepypasta in 2022 (or if ur like me & just got into it a couple months ago) The blood splatter in the background, the smiles at the top and the little dancing Jeff are all moving gifs! Most of the time I spent on this was spent editing the gifs and images lmao,, Feel free to use & copy-paste parts of it for your own layouts :D Leav...

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— by Chuuya13 Comments

Shadow the Hedgehog

Hi!! If you use this I'd love to know :)) To change the song there's part of the code right under "Your Info Here", if you get the embed link from a youtube video and paste it there you can put a different song! Honestly this was just me having fun and since I'm probably changing my own from this soon I wanted to share the code.

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— by Leon18 Comments

Bleugh!! Bloody and green!! (for BLOG POSTS!) (wip!)

This layout is mostly made for blog entries! Please read how to use it below! Just like the last layout I uploaded (same theme but for your profile), I'm uploading this mostly for my own sake to easily keep track of things. But if you like this, feel free to use it for your own blog entries! (And if you want this for your profile, I have a different layout code for profiles!) !! This layout is a w...

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— by Leon41 Comments

Bleugh!! Bloody and Green!!

This is my first layout so it's not very professional-looking, I'm mostly uploading this for my own sake hehe. Most of the stuff in the code are simply just trial and error with just a sprinkle of research, so I don't really know what I'm doing. But feel free to use this if you want! And change stuff around however you like! Please comment if u decide to use this :) Also the code probably looks su...

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