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— by CAL う°ㅁ°)づ︻╦̵̵̿╤──2 Comments

Koljako Fan!! Userbubble

comment if using, or dont. I dont rlly care. (credits to lucas 4 making it!)

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— by 𝖈𝖇𝟗𝟕_𝖜𝖇81 Comments

— by 🏳️‍⚧️DeadClownGutz𖤐 (gayest arc 🏳️‍🌈)2 Comments



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— by Dahvie Insanity

Current layout :3

Don't wanna lose it while i try sum outtt

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— by aquaticWizardry40 Comments

Cry of Fear (new)

I just changed a few thing just so it looks better!! The old one is still up if u want to use that one :p Feel free to use it without credit idc

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— by Derpy

Cry Of Fear layout

This layout has: a custom Simon Henriksson logo,A Cry Of Fear banner,Phone contact icons and Autoplay of 'Brandon' by Andreas Ronnberg.

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— by . ݁₊ ☕⊹ . ݁🤓˖ . ݁128 Comments

Simon (Cry of Fear) - Loading Screen

ONE MORE EEEEEE ----- requests allowed (remember to give me credit

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— by slut for David Leatherhoff60 Comments

cry of fear

hiii :) i haven't uploaded or made a layout in a while due to not being active here for a while, but anyways.. here's a cry of fear themed, although i tried my best to make one, i'll be updating soon enough once i get new ideas of it! lmk if you're using it

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— by layout48 Comments

cry of fear Layout!

feel free to change anything, it contains "dark city" autoplay. the background contains moving snowflakes gif added to make it look better (those are the white dots on the background) no need to credit me feel free to use!

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— by Derpy 28 Comments

Silly Cry Of Fear loading screens

Two silly cry of fear loading screens...:3 (I think only the Sick Simon one works 4 now oops:3)

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— by aquaticWizardry64 Comments

Cry of fear

hi hello first time sharing a layout loll feel free to change things if wanted :p edit: hello!! i have made a new one !

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— by aquaticWizardry12 Comments

Cry of Fear - Hate Life

can be used without credit idc :p

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