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— by Vee-Vee3 Comments

My profile

Couldnt find the og creator of the layout Im using so just pasting this here lol

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— by 8 Comments


took some colors and sparkle code from another blog layout, i've forgotten who it is. this is a pretty simple playout, with optional music code :) comment if using, credits are appreciated! this comes with a custom cursor and a floating animation as well!

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— by Malcolm_Murder2 Comments

meat layout

for the creepy girlszz...somewhat more saturated that the preview image shows the contact gif thing might be kind of broken sorry

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— by x_mace.n0thing_x32 Comments

Dark Purple sparkly layout

BROKEN BC I WAS USING IMGUR. will fix eventually vampy sparkly purple layout! has a ghost cursor, and ghost gerard in it lolz (couldn't help myself). the "weirdos rule" bit is not included! its a little blinky i made and i didn't want to remove it from my profile before screenshotting, soz. kinda for my own achieves like these all are as I'll probably be using this for a bit. comment if you use! d...

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— by ⯎  kristoph  or  zim  ₊ 🧪4 Comments


FEEL FREE 2 CHANGE ANYTHING IN THE CODE ♢ you can give credits or not I dont mind!! ♢ made this just 4 me but its free 2 use ♢ !! BASE INSPIRED BY !!

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— by Jennvxbes


Cute purpleness.

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— by :: trixie toxxic ::27 Comments

rainbow sweets layout!!!

CREDIT IS VERY APPRECIATED!!! DO NOT USE AS A BASE i thought a moar rainbowy cutesy layout wud b fun..... its nawt exactlyh scene or emo liek usual but i think its pretty cuuuutee :D

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— by Tree Girl8 Comments

Kuromi Purple Layout Hello Kitty

Kuromi Hello Kitty My Melody layout for anyone to use! Includes song Greedy Greedy by Kuromi. No credit needed but add kudos or comment on my layout! Thanks 💜

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— by ghostface

punk (no it not)

idk man use it however u want edit it credits r fine - ignore the amount of matthew lillard gifs

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— by araya22 Comments

pink and black sparkles

kinda self explanatory :p credit me/comment/add me if you use this!!!

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— by TWILA'S LAY0UT SHACK37 Comments

lil peep (requested layout)


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— by Xx.EthanCatastrophe.xX7 Comments

Purple Sparkles & Skulls.

This layout is primarily purple and black with sparkles for the main background and a skull & crossbones for the profile background.

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— by le rudy

— by ora's html/css workshop2 Comments

pretty red!!

by oranis!! (please give credit or kudos!!) hi all! another ms93 port for today, this time it's my red sparkly theme!! any improvements/criticisms would be greatly appreciated! (note: i have been told some people may get light eyestrain from this one so please be careful)

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— by ora's html/css workshop184 Comments

pretty black and white!!

by oranis!! (please give credit or kudos!!) hi all! another ms93 port today, this time it's my black and white sparkly theme!! any improvements/criticisms would be greatly appreciated! :)

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— by ora's html/css workshop34 Comments

pretty pink!!

by oranis!! (please give credit or kudos!!) hi all! this is my first theme translation (im a myspace93 veteran and i made a huge amount of themes for that place it was 38 from memory fdgdsfhg) i picked this one bc i really like it and think it's pretty, any improvements/criticism etc would be appreciated!!

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