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— by bug (sprinkle)

Russia version || music again!

Hoorayy heres this for the russian potatoes ! Hope any of these dont fuck up, please tell me if they have any issues! Please comment used, no credit tho. (This isn’t mandatory) pls visit my layouts for german version (Music ; )

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— by Jeremy!!✧3 Comments

ջէ k ᎥᎴᎥ ᏁᏗᏂᏬᎥ¸,øಡಡ✚ انتقلت إلىջ !!!

one of my fav songs on my yt playlist :33 pls say using so i know people r actually using this 😿

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— by Operator5 Comments

Old cartoon layout

Not a very good one [unfinished but im not working on this anymore]

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