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— by morgan21 Comments

Record Player

murgn's record player Copy paste the code into your about me to add a record player to your page Combine this with a youtube embed with a width & height of 0 to make cool pages ๐Ÿ˜ฑ Replace the vinylCover img src with a link to the image of your album!! Change both the vinyl and vinylCover classes' height to change the size! ๐Ÿ˜ฎ let me know if you're using so I can check your page out ๐Ÿ‘€๐Ÿ‘€

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— by โ˜† Dany

mx.sinister - IDKHOW (Autoplay)

feel free to request and comment if using !

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— by Quinn / Stan <3

uh. drive by lullabies theme i guess??

i was js messing w this code for awhile . i like the theme but I'm working on sum else rn

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— by Kevin

Tarzan Boy by Baltimora - Autoplayer

Plays Tarzan Boy by Baltimora upon opening your profile. The video player is 400x100 resolution. Compact, and can mostly still see the video, but not so small as to stop people from pausing if they don't want music.

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— by ivAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAn4 Comments

— by ๐šŒ๐šŠ๐š™๐š™ โ‹†9 Comments

สš youtube embed music player code ษž

this has been the only music player link that has worked for me that uses youtube embed, so i'm gonna share it :) sadly, this one doesn't loop, but if i can figure out how to loop it someday, i'll definitely come back and share. small tutorial: go to youtube > pick out what audio you want > go to share > click embed > copy and paste part of the embed link (example: where it says https://www.youtub...

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— by lilyyy โ˜†2 Comments

— by María *เฉˆโ€งโ‚Šหš

— by LUCIELLL 1 Comment

eric - mitski >:3

i rlly luv this song so i just had to do this !! i rlly don't care if u credit me 4 this or not but wtvs !! put this in ur abt me or who'd i like to me section

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— by โœฐ0hk3xxโœฐ3 Comments

Seek and destroy - Metallica × autoplay !! ×

If u want another song leave me a comment, or change the code before the embed/ for the code of ur song !!

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— by alisa (autoplay music)10 Comments

autoplay youtube playlist + BACKGROUND MUSIC PLAYER

influenced by: - check this out if u only want one song (video) looped! - click 'share' on youtube playlist/highlight url in address bar - copy all text after 'list=' e.g. - paste the text to "PLAYLISTID" in the code - VOILA !

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— by ghostly14 Comments

omori whitespace theme

paste this into your about me to play the whitespace theme on your profile! TAKING REQ

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— by Everett Feldt IV3 Comments

MP3 Player with autoplay

Requires external hosting of file.  This can be done, for example, by posting the file to Discord and copying the media link.  More info on this feature at W3Schools

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— by Lua6 Comments


have you ever wanted to make audio for your profile but don't know how? have you used spotify embeds but they look weird? look no further but Audio! just plug in an audio file from a website, pick a song name, and enjoy!

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— by Twilight Sparkle44 Comments

Subtle Background Music Player (no autoplay)

This does not work with raw YouTube or other service links. You need a file host that can serve mp3s with a direct link, like copying the URL from Discord uploads or even Google Drive and Dropbox using the methods described here. . While playing MP3s or OGGs automatically is nigh impossible, unless you do something evil like cover the screen while the music's not playing so any click starts it (wh...

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