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— by STRADE βŒ†8 Comments

lawrence oleander + fox/ren hana fan bar things

idk what to call these.. ill do more characters when i have motivation so this will be randomly updated

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— by Dec-πŸ‡12 Comments

|BTD| cleaning Lawrence (GIF meme)

I'm finding gold mined of BTD memes!! I'll trying to post as much as possible of more of BTD memes! Just comment 'using' just so I know :))

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— by viviemortis10 Comments

Ren/Fox buttons for Dec! (free to use ^^)

hooray!!! i couldn’t find one that was just ren as one of those goofy gifs, so i added fox (even though it’s also a still image..) preview !!

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— by Dec-πŸ‡4 Comments

|BTD| (FIXED) oh my goodness gracious (Lawrence gif)

To viviemortis, here you go! hope you enjoy! :) Just comment 'using' just so I know! :)) UPDATE: I fixed the ending/auto delete problem on this gif, sorry for that! /(>︿<)\

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— by Dec-πŸ‡4 Comments

|BTD| Oh my goodness gracious (Strade GIF)

LOL I BUSTED MY ASS OFF WHEN I FOUND THIS! Just comment 'using' just so I know :)

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— by STRADE βŒ†19 Comments

Lawrence Oleander stamps (UPDATED)

comment if using, ya i made these better(ish)

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— by STRADE βŒ†23 Comments

strade btd/tinr stamps

lazy stamps i rushed in like an hourπŸ’” also planning on making Tate frost ones soon(ish) comment if using btw :3

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— by cnnibalhoney 4 Comments

strade and ren!!

strade and ren (btd) but in courtin' cowboys! pls comment if using:3

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— by viviemortis6 Comments

strade gif or smth idk (FIXED)

greasy german man 😡 credit, even though it’s just a gif (that i made) would be nice, lol

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— by viviemortis15 Comments

BTD inspired contact icons (FIXED!)

dope shit! MOST IMAGES ARE GIFS, SADLY I CANNOT EXACTLY SHOW THEM also PLEASE credit/comment if you’re using this layout, i spent an unnecessary amount of time making 2 new ones and fixing it 😡 based of the silly murder boys

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— by Aspen6 Comments

Ren hana layout

im new to this so sorry if it fails or is not the same as mine x-x

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— by ΰ©­οΉ•° GUR0ANG3L ̊ ̟ κ’·κ’¦1 Comment

Strade and Ren!

Hey!! ^_~ Just a layout of BTD

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— by viviemortis11 Comments

btd/tpof/tinr stamps i’ve made (FIXED)

comment if using, CERDIT ME or i’m gonna haunt you till you die — nyehehehehe 😈 awesome pawesome sauce preview!!!:

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— by Aslann5 Comments

— by Sera51 Comments

BTD! (Para interests o como quieran x3)

Para mis papus fanes del boifren tu det pq intenté buscar cosas y no había mucho, comenten si los usan! Es lo primero que comparto, avísenme si no funcionan 😭

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— by 𝓒𝓻𝓸𝓷𝓾𝓼 𝓐𝓢𝓹𝓸𝓻π“ͺ3 Comments

Lawrence Oleander Layout (w/ Cursor + Custom logo)

This is a Lawrence Oleander Layout if used please credit me! Same if you edit

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