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— by ⋆ MILO50 Comments


a warning screen !!! no cred needed, cmnt if using! /nf free to edit

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— by Katie (autoplay!) 🍉

Windows XP inspired warning screen

A warning screen inspired by Windows XP

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— by Derpy 39 Comments

Lomando warning screen!^_^

Silly little Lomando warning screen,edit the text if you'd like.Also,for some reason a part of the code is visible although it should not be. I've tried to make it not visible but it did not work. Then again,I'm horrible at coding so that's probably why.

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— by arlo atomickk81 Comments

Warning screen

This will show before someone enters your profile to warn them of flashing lights/autoplay music etc. You can customise the text to say whatever you want! Free for everyone to use just lmk in the comments. This can present differently depending on your pre-existing code and won't work for everyone!

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