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— by Yasmin☭7 Comments

pink fem/hyperfem

my first layout (on this account). please comment if using, free to use as a base just credit me, n yeah that's all

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— by d4isixx_8 Comments

BSD White layout!!

shout out to all my depressive Bsd girlies! i made this while i was half-awake, half-asleep... so... if sumthin is wrong don't hesitate in comment!!!!!! pls, comment if using.

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— by moakuyo5 Comments

ZENO Remake themed layout

a small ZENO layout i've made (not without help of other creators), please enjoy it! update: the shadow around pfp is not there anymore, i thought it was ugly eek

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— by jono10 Comments

idk man it's a green layout

a bit more complex than my last layout, wasn't gonna release it cuz the code's messy but i like it too much not to custom interests, animated pfp, custom online gif and custom scrollbar lmk if you run into any problems/need help with smth credit isn't necessary, just don't claim as your own

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— by samsux

New Year's Yesteryear

This theme is a basic but clean design. If I wrote this post correctly, you should be seeing it in action right now on this page!

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— by psyclone1 Comment

Windows 11 Light v1

Modified version of Windows 7 Basic layout by Tilin . Made to look like Windows 11.

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— by

ghosts!! a ghost layout for halloween

a cute blue ghost layout for halloween. autoplays grim grinning ghosts. cursor and music were taken from other layouts provided.

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— by doomteensy3 Comments


There was barely any layouts of the game, so I made one!

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— by temporary22 Comments

Minimal White

A simple white and modern layout based on Bela's pink layout Feel free to modify and redistribute, but please credit Bela and me by adding links back to the original themes if you publish your own version. Feel free to suggest changes or voice your opinions, and remember that it's against spacehey rules to hide the spacehey logo, search bar, or logout but...

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— by ace

Bucciarati layout

i started making this but never finished. feel free to use as base or edit to ur liking. no credit needed.

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— by gamz37 Comments

nana themed layout

this is mainly so i can use this again-- a lot of the code was frankensteined from different people.... comes with an opening gif, music, and cute graphics so you can have BLAST on your layout

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— by the partytime system22 Comments

simple yellow

just a simple pastel layout design i guess feel free to customize it to your liking

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— by the partytime system22 Comments

simple blue

just a simple pastel blue layout design i guess feel free to customize it to your liking

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— by sun21 Comments

pastel layout

pastel layout incredibly simple and compact pastel layout. this layout hides your url, links, friends, and comments. includes online now icon and cursor. ♥ if you like it/use it, please leave a comment, and feel free to add me!♥ add a link to add comments by copying and pasting in your who i’d like to meet section (or any section!) leave a comment. your id is found under your account settings :^)

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— by Twilight Sparkle11 Comments

Transparent Lite

a good base to add other fun stuff to, affects very little but makes the header look better and gives you a background. black/dark background recommended

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