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— by d4isixx_28 Comments

Black Forest Layout!

hi! today i just wanted to share this new layout i made by myself. hope u like it!

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— by xMasPotato ☆2 Comments

Make "Spacehey" Logo Translucent

☆☆☆ Comment "Using" if you use please ☆☆☆ This Layout make the "Spacehey Logo" on your profile Translucent =^● ⋏ ●^= To change how translucent the logo is, change the number after "opacity".

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— by zoingus8 Comments

jirachi pokemon/star theme

a layout i themed after the pokemon jirachi and stars. includes: - star cursor - animated star background (specifying because you cant see something animated in a still image) please credit if you use

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— by 📚 Haru ᶻ𝘇𐰁33 Comments

twinkling stars overlay ! ^^

i made this and i am currently using this on my profile, so i just wanted to share this in case others also want twinkling stars overlayed their own profile! no need for credits !! just comment "using" if your gonna use it~ (really curious on the ppl who use it lol)

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— by 🌈☆ ˚˖ (๑òᆺó๑) ˖ ˚ ☆🌸

Pixely double rainbow corner gif :P

Feel free to use it, comment if using thx, do not repost and claim as yours

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— by 🌈☆ ˚˖ (๑òᆺó๑) ˖ ˚ ☆🌸104 Comments

Flying bubbles profile effect :3

Hey,, feel free to use this layout! Credits are appriciated but not needed, just don't respost and claim it as yours :> Also pls comment/give kudos so I know how many ppl are using it :3 If you got any questions/issues feel free to ask in the comments or in my DMs :)

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— by 🌈☆ ˚˖ (๑òᆺó๑) ˖ ˚ ☆🌸1070 Comments

Falling rainbow pastel starts ( transparent effect )

Hey! If you will use this please comment "using" below,,, I just want to know how many people uses it lol, also credits are optional, but do not repost and claim as yours. ପ(๑•ᴗ•๑)ଓ ♡ Also please let me know if you have any issue :3 (og gif:

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— by Natalie :311 Comments

Anime Girl Spacehey Logo

Just a pink Spacehey logo I made starring Chino Kafuu :3 It's transparent, that's why the screenshot shows a grey background.

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— by Omenwyrm32 Comments

Black and White Space Layout

simple dark space layout ! feel free to edit however you'd like :-)

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— by 👙 Soraya Pepe 🍕1 Comment

Transparent With Big Header Animation

Copy the entire code, click home at the top of the page, press "profile" or press your url, then click "edit your profile" on your page and then paste all layout code into about me : then at the top click "save all" then "view your profile" will show up and you can click on that and my layout will show up ! Guide: Go back to your "Edit Profile" Replace all animation gif with your own desire gif. C...

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— by pixel3 Comments

The Sky

A cool layout I made, it looks like you're in the sky

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— by TRaGiiCTaYY3 Comments


Preview here for a limited time! - CLOSED If you use this, please comment below, or add me on here. Thank you! :)

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— by robyn2 Comments

Pretty Purple

feel free to use this layout for yourself, or as a template/basis to make your own!! i used  ash lynx 's " dreamy clouds " as a starting point for this layout. you can get a live preview by pasting the layout's code into the previewer here . it'd be swell if you commented on my profile or added me if you do end up using this or forking it for yourself! :) - TheRobbbyn

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— by LIONZ LYTZ13 Comments

MOVER - Gothic Forest

Click HERE to view & get the code ! Only because I use live-full previews of the layouts, they look best there. Make sure to have your sound on when previewing, there's songs with the layout previewz! Thanks! S T E P S 1. Click the link above 2. React to 'Da Rulez' 3. Find the Category Listed 4. Click the Layout of Your Choice & The Code Will Be On The Preview 5. I suggest pasting the code into yo...

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— by Twilight Sparkle11 Comments

Transparent Lite

a good base to add other fun stuff to, affects very little but makes the header look better and gives you a background. black/dark background recommended

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