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— by BOW / BIVE ✦3 Comments


req from wawa...angeredfish from ocean terror! lonelykoi next! i have a better idea for lonelykoi LOL this one is just based from my goodpuffer ... layout includes suuupes cute pagedolls, angeredfish profile picture mask, custom cursor, floaty name text, custom scrollbar+box, & shaky hovers!

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— by ☥☥juno☥☥

— by ☥☥juno☥☥5 Comments

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— by ☥☥juno☥☥40 Comments

simple gray layout

with spinning & round pfp, star shaped pfps in your comment section, custom cursor & custom spacehey logo its supposed to have a comment scrollbox but it doesnt work, fix it if you want but spacehey keeps going down and i dont have the patience rn links turn red :) PS YOU DONT HAVE TO TELL ME YR USING IT !! ITS OK !!

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— by ☥☥juno☥☥2 Comments

pistol cursor

cute custom cursor

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— by nini62 Comments

˚₊‧꒰ঌ hello kitty spacehey logos ໒꒱ ‧₊˚

for all my dear spacehey gals: brown n white hello kitty logos in different pink combos. feel free to comment if ure using any. hope u enjoy ♡

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— by 🦇carti

custom online icon

just input a URL where I put CODE HERE and it'll show up on ur profile **KEEP THE COMMAS**. idk what websites u can and can't use but postimages works pretty well. use the DIRECT LINK on postimages though.

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— by renz1 Comment

— by davey (FREE PALESTINE 🍉)1 Comment

Change Links Section Icons

Change the "PUT IMG URL HERE" with your image url lol Feel free to say if you're using lmfao

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— by eumillipes

Custom the cheat “online now”

This layout replaces the normal “online now” indicator with a the cheat themed indicator. If it is too small, you can tweak the dimensions for your desired size!

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— by insane_bee8 Comments

Easiest way to add autoplay music to your profile

I found the easiest way to add music to your profile because i hated having to embed youtube videos on my phone. all you have to do is insert the code part of any youtube link (aka the keyboard smash at the end of the link) to where it says "HERE, copy and paste it into your profile, and ur good to go! comment any questions or requests yall have. Remember to only copy and paste the end of the link...

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— by ☆ 🩸 𖥻 EDWARD ރ ꜝ ᥫ᭡1 Comment

Poptart layout

HRGSAJKLK POPUTAAAAAART - credits to owners who made the layout stuff, all of it (other than the giant poptart online gif on the bottom) was not made by me

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— by 56 Comments

Fangs Notification Bell

! Working ! (Take out < .style > / < ./style > when using with other code within those two lines) Requests for custom notification bells: closed

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— by CR4ZY T4C0S1 Comment

fnaf online gifs !!!

these are gifs of fnaf i found that can work as online gifs

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— by CR4ZY T4C0S8 Comments


this is where u can change the online icon if u look on my acc you'll see what im talking ab !!

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— by ╰┈➤ 𝑗 𝑢 𝑛 𝑜 25 Comments

Custom Blog/Bulletin (Default: Purple Space)

~Want your blog/bulletin to have a bit more (or less) color and movement than the default? Customize it! Pretty self explanatory lol. Tips in the code! I'm new to CSS and HTML so sorry for any bugs ;p lmk if theres issues and ill try to help! To get the same exact set up as in the screenshot, just copy and paste. To customize, go into the CSS code and change the information! original layout code: ...

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— by sam ☆4 Comments

Simple Purple Layout

a simple purple layout ! Nothing too crazy :) Has image hover shake, star pfp and star friend icons, custom online text, custom text below spacehey logo, custom spacehey logo, rounded corners, custom cursor, and custom contact icons !! this layout is alot more neat and better looking then my first one, im pretty proud of this one overall :)

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