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— by Viljami.9 Comments

CoD games stamps.

Comment if using guh..

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— by mary4 Comments

— by mary


credit me if you use this:3

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— by sha2far8 Comments

Logan Walker from call of duty ghosts in the corner of your screen

huuuuuuh idk the person but I'm ASSUMING it's Logan tell me in comments if it is. comment ''using!'' if used or credit me in ur bio :)

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— by ⛧Archie⛧11 Comments


little bigger than most stamps comment using if gona use

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— by feli8 Comments

COD Stamps

These stamps were requested by: 🧼soaps_ashes🧼 (soaps no.1 pookie ✨)

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— by sha2far122 Comments

Ghost From Call Of duty In the corner of your screen!

I reallyy love him so why not make a little trinket of him! Please Comment using if used, or credit me in your profile ^^ Pic belongs to @661ave On all platforms! EDIT: if i appear in ur frqs, dont freak out. THIS IS BECASUE EVERY COD FAN WHO USES THIS I AM OFC GONNA ADD U!!! I LOVE COD FANS AHDSJAHJD

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— by ZombieAlt6 Comments


My pfp on my main rn, feel free to use !!

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