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— by marlee

Hey Ya! - Outkast Autoplay

comment "using" or any recommendations

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— by marlee5 Comments

Ms. Jackson- Outkast Autoplay

comment "using" or any recommendations

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Someday We'll All Be Free - Kanye West

SOMEDAYY SOMEDAYY SOMEDAYYY SOMEDAYYY (Please comment "Using" or something like that if you are using it)

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— by Ray5 Comments

JJ Demon - Yellow Balloon? (autoplay) (requests open!)

please comment "using" if using. requests are open; feel free to leave a comment (including a youtube link) and i'll see what i can do!

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— by ❦ Alexx Sixx ❦

Linkin Park - Xero demo tape

In 1997, when LP were going by the name Xero, they released a 4-track demo cassette that they handed out at shows. This layout is based pm the cover of the cassette. Original layout by HACKSAW, I simply edited it and added some minor tweaks.

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— by santiago kidneystone1 Comment

hip hop/ rap layout

IMPORTANT: if you want to delete the song you should remove the code that ends and begins with iframe !  if you want to add a different song copy and paste this on your about me section: just change the XXXXX with the weird numbers and or letters at the end of a youtube link and its done B) theres not a lot of hip hop or rap layouts so i did one by myself :D its the first time ive done this type o...

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— by Crash Test Dummy1 Comment

Legends Of Hip Hop

Old school hip hop layout take it if you want it

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