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— by jay 📸⋆.ೃ࿔*:・9 Comments

bôa - duvet [16bit]

literally what it is. let me know if it doesn't work or something//// it might actually be 8bit now that i think about it but who gives a shit

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— by MARZ💊 ^_^ 3 Comments

Boa - Duvet (Slowed loop part)

Boa by Duvet! But it's just THAT part of the song just a little bit slower c: no credit needed

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— by MARZ💊 ^_^ 2 Comments

Duvet - Boa (Looped riff part)

The same song, it's just THAT part looped for about an hour! No credit needed C: lmk if it doesn't work!

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— by charon [req closed]2 Comments

duvet autoplayer

this plays duvet by bôa, no credits needed & tell me in the comemnts if you have a requestt, thanks!

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