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— by **fagatron★81**32 Comments

red y2k/frutiger metro layout

requested by aidoom!! enjoy!! (requests still open, dm me or comment here)

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— by Robbie fangirl (Jojo)14 Comments

My layout 3/8/24

just the layout, not the gifs in the corner or blinkies. copy and paste into about me section and do a few paragraphs under b4 starting actual 'about me'. DO NOT FORGOT THE STYLE THING AT THE END. ---- (ignore my bookmarks lmao im posting this on my school computer. js comment on this if u want the blinkies and/or gifs. ---- comment if you use, if u dont comment, atleast credit me in ur "about me"...

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— by **fagatron★81**31 Comments

green y2k/frutiger metro layout

looks pretty much likr the layout on my page!!!!!! expect improved. heh. pls use, pls comment if u using,, if u wanna use elements go ahead!! dm me for anythin specific if ya cant find it in the code

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— by Sam 1 Comment

— by Jonah166 Comments

Sickly Sweet (Mobile Friendly + Blog)

View a live preview and get the accompanying blog code here! I'm still somewhat new to CSS, so I apologize if the code is a bit messy, but everything should be functional! Please leave a comment if you plan on using it! Thank you! My linked website also has some graphics for you guys to use! :3

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— by Argbuggle

— by wareti

Adaptive html code (for desktop AND mobile)

You can choose what to show on mobile and what to show on desktop.

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— by Crash Test Dummy5 Comments

Lean Back Layout Pink 1.0

Skinny on mobile, Sidebar on desktop the Lean Back Layout is a simple customized layout. Pink Version 1.0 is the first of it's kind. 

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— by Crash Test Dummy4 Comments

Lavender and Lilies

Lavender and lilies layout

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— by Crash Test Dummy2 Comments

Red Emo Love Aesthetic

Red aesthetic, purple heart, Lollipop, emo love if you remove the --yourbackground url it defaults to black background if you prefer a simpler look for this one.

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— by Crash Test Dummy1 Comment

Dark Static

Simple, compact, dark, custom layout Something quite unique. Can be used as Dark Mode Windows or Dark Mode compact.

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— by Crash Test Dummy1 Comment

Legends Of Hip Hop

Old school hip hop layout take it if you want it

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— by Crash Test Dummy11 Comments

— by Crash Test Dummy

Dino Island

Dinosaur Island Theme

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