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— by Moonie 13 Comments

SpaceHey 2010s

A 2010s inspired layout for your SpaceHey profile :3 If you use this layout, comment below!

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— by Ashton21 Comments


please try out this layout inspired by facebook (aka thefacebook) from way back in 2004. note that this isnt intended to be a one-for-one remake of thefacebook, rather the design has been applied to spacehey, so think of it as that one crossover episode of that one anime that nobody asked for ever. enjoy :3

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— by TestTubeh1 Comment

Facebook SpaceHey Layout :]

You guys like Facebook, right? anyway.. I was looking at Facebook SpaceHey layouts realizing there weren't anyone's I liked, so I made my own! :] If there are any existing/new errors PLEASE message me :] Anyway here :D!

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— by Mr Relliks2 Comments

Face-Hey (A not Facebook Layout )

A satirical take on Facebook layouts. Complete with Face-Hey logo.

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— by Crash Test Dummy2 Comments

Myfacehey 2.0

A Return to the Facbook look and colors. Rooted for simple swap out of background wallpaper, cover photo, blog box photo, and interest table and headers. 

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— by Crash Test Dummy


Layout for people who prefer the simple look of older facebook

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