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— by Elián >32 Comments


Melanie Martinez portals inspired layout :3 Fairee soireé autoplay comment if using or any issue u can see it in my test page "Elian's test page" (for now)

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— by 2 Comments

Mushroom on pfp

Sets a mushroom png on the corner of ur pfp (u can also replace the img adress w whatever n repost)

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— by Jay7 Comments

fairycore grunge layout [UNDER CONSTRUCTION]

⚠️ multiple people have let me know that the background and a few other details just stopped working/showing up all of a sudden, so please do not use this layout for now (unless you're ok with that ig)!! i will update this once this is fixed, apologies ⚠️ credit to for the spacehey logo!!! this is my second layout, i think i'm getting the hang of coding!! ...

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— by Rex2 Comments

Goblin Core/Fairy Core

This layout has some kinks to work out but overall it looks nice!! I have a star curser and Renee by SALES playing in the background!!

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— by discount.lobotomy4 Comments

mushroom pond <3

nothing too crazy in the layout, the only thing you need to do is put iin your question answers!! if youre gonna use this layout, please credit me somewhere on your profile (like leaving a comment saying i made it :>) and comment on this!! i would add more screenshots if i could :[ i hope you like it

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— by Hooterbby6 Comments


Note:  Anything you want under the Blurbs area can be added into your Who I'd Like To Meet section .

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— by Jigsaw [Chimaralord]



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— by ⁅sock⁆1 Comment

weirdcore shrooms

a weirdcore mushroom themed layout, 

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— by katie :p17 Comments

pastel mushroom :)

disclaimer:   this is my first ever layout!! im also  very new to this site and coding, so i apologize if there is any errors!! this layout has a medium pastel theme and the background is some rlly cute mushrooms!! thanks to Cryptic Jasmine and Noah on youtube,, ur videos r super helpful, as well as a couple other layouts i used for reference!! everyone on here is so talented :0 i also used the si...

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