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— by Luz

Loose lips - Kimya Dawson

please do tell if it is not working!

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— by 𝓔𝓿𝓲𝓮3 Comments

My Angel by Adrianne Lenker

comment if you wanna put in a request

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— by Freya || DerpoNerpo ʚ🍓ɞ8 Comments

We Fell in Love in October - Girl in Red (Autoplay, requested!!)

"That's why, I love the fall.." Requests open!! Feel free to use without commenting, however doing that would be appreciated!! Requested by: A★RON (

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— by 𝓔𝓿𝓲𝓮6 Comments

Half Return- Adrienne Lenker

comment if you want to put in a request

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— by 𝓔𝓿𝓲𝓮2 Comments

Venus as a boy - Bjork

dm/comment if you want to put in a request (´ï¹ƒ`)

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— by Will :)

Freak - feeble little horse // AUTOPLAY

Tell me if there's any issues w/ the code & comment if ur using !! !! if you do not want the video to be visible change the "width" and "height" to "0" instead of "300" !! + I am taking suggestions so don't be shy 2 suggest anything :D

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— by marlee 🍉3 Comments

— by marlee 🍉

The Handshake - MGMT Autoplay & Loop

Give me recommendations/ or comment if using!

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— by marlee 🍉

Time to Pretend - MGMT Autoplay & Loop

I take recommendations of artists/songs I like. also comment if using :)

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— by marlee 🍉

One Thing Left to Try - MGMT Autoplay & Loop

I take recommendations of songs/artists I enjoy! please comment if using!

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— by Darren!29 Comments

Tv Girl Cd (French Exit)

Shout out to Veronica Malanotte for requesting this!

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— by 𝓔 ☽

quannnic - Life imitates life

If there's trouble don't hesitate to ask me

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— by Crystal

HTKR - Sugar

Artist: HTKR // Song: Sugar // Album: Body Lotion // Genre: Alternative, Downtempo, Experimental pop // Year: 2014 // Comment if using!! Also please lmk if this works this is my first time making layouts xx

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— by feli2 Comments

Captain Yajima Stamps (REQUEST)

stamps requested by: alehhh iz a vampirr...

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— by kade (。•Ìï¸¿•Ì€ï½¡)1 Comment


Music credits go to WSTR and Life or Death Records. comment 4 requests :3

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— by Tamz4 Comments

Solya songs :3

Comment that ur using this plz choose either song you want and tell me if it isn't working or not!!!

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— by kade (。•Ìï¸¿•Ì€ï½¡)7 Comments


Music credits go to beabadoobee and Laufey. comment 4 requests :3

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— by nata

ohiru ayakashi akashi ost

pls I need more ayakashi content || free to use if there's something wrong lmk :3!!

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— by pokiopiko4 Comments

Indie playlist ☆ 🏈 (2 hours)

it autoplays cute music on your page, how neat! 🍀 credits to The Daily Dose for this cute playlist they put together. ヾ(・ω・*) this playlist includes: 1. Del claro - Fade Away (00:00) 2. Orchid Mantis - Can’t See The Sun Anymore (03:02) 3. Orchid Mantis - Never Know Why (05:12) 4. FIG - Plunge (08:47) 5. JW Francis - Good Time (11:56) 6. Credit Electric - Some Lies (15:02) 7. Iska Dhaaf - Unheard C...

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— by Kei's dreamland2 Comments

Dump By Kero Kero Bonito

You don't have to credit or comment but it is appreciated.(●'◡'●)

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