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— by xMasPotato ☆83 Comments

Remove the "Scrollbar" from your Profile

Comment "using" if using this layout ♡ Then I'll know if you like it, and can make more simple fixes in the future~ This layout removes the ugly "Scrollbar" from your Profile! ⋋(•⌔•)⋌

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— by xMasPotato ☆36 Comments

Remove "About me:" and "Who I'd like to meet:" from Profile Blurb

Comment "Using" if you're using this layout! Then maybe I'll create more layouts with simple profile fixes in future. This layout removes the annoying "About me:" and "Who I'd like to meet:" from your profile so you can customize it as much as you'd like.

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Topic remover

If you think there are too many boxes to fill in in Interests you can use this bit of code to remove them them! Added comments everywhere for convenience. Message me if something isn't working or you're having troubles, I'll help! You can add me or comment if using, but no credit needed!

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