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— by ˖⁺‧₊˚ ♡ ˚₊‧⁺˖39 Comments

stamps (blinkies or pixels) VOCALOID

hey, guys! I've made new stamps for you!!! if you use these stamps, then write in the comment "using" so that I produce layouts more often!! || привет,ребята! я сделала для вас новые штампы!!! если вы будете использовать их,то напишите в комментарии "использую",чтобы я чаще выпускала лайоты!! !!!!!!!!!!!!TAKE A LOOK AT MY LAST BLOG, PLEASE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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— by DKawaiiart

Levia on ur left corner


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— by Ryo1 Comment

Igaku song autoplay + loop

idk man, just the igaku song for ur profile

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— by Oreo/star1 Comment

Rakuraku annrakushi (spotify song, not automatic)

Heyyyy!!!! this is my first song thing, im sorry if its not working! lmk if it isint. its the song rakuraku. copy the code, paste it into a section of your profile. when you go to ur profile, you can click play and the song will play! if you want to change the size, then change the numbers on width and height (dont take away the quotation marks, song take away the percentage marks or the equal sig...

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— by Tibe1 Comment

Maika Stamp

This is a stamp featuring the VOCALOID Maika.

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— by penits store15 Comments

Rabbit Hole - DECO*27 [AUTOPLAY]

rabbit hole deco27 autoplay for ur prof :33333 pls comment using if u use

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— by l4in-1waKur49 Comments

— by l4in-1waKur45 Comments

— by Linny12 Comments

Hatsune Sakura Miku Layout(🌸´◡`🌸)

Pink Salura Miku layout with Pinocchio-P's song Magical Girl and Chocolate. It's all pink and stuff with some Sakura Miku gifs. It is really simple imo, it's my first ever layout. PLZ COMMENT IF UR USING OR CREDIT ME :333

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— by ♡ 𝙱𝚊𝚐𝚞𝚎𝚝𝚝𝚎 ♡36 Comments

Sakura Hatsune on the bottom Right of your Screen!

Sakura Hatsune on the bottom Right of your Screen! my first Layout, please tell me if it need fixing! If you are using it please comment "Using" :3

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— by ׂ╰┈➤ 🦴⚙️ Gear 🩸9 Comments

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— by ྀི Luvi ⟡ Liam 🍨5 Comments

DECO*27 - Vampire feat. Hatsune Miku

vampire!! plez comment using if put on layout :3

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— by ྀི Luvi ⟡ Liam 🍨12 Comments


hey!! miku miku beaammm!!! plez comment using if put on layout :3

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— by ྀི Luvi ⟡ Liam 🍨1 Comment

Igaku / Medicine | ENGLISH COVER【Trickle】イガク

"THAT'S A LIE! YEAH MY MIND JUST SPAT THAT OUT..." please comment "using" if put on layout!

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— by shappy!!6 Comments

little shion family

credits: | i love the shion family so here they are!! | comment if using plsss | KAITO KAGEITO TAITO NIGAITO AKAITO

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— by ྀི Luvi ⟡ Liam 🍨15 Comments

Mesmerizer ☆ Hatsune Miku and Kasane Teto

hi!! this is my first time making a music layout (or a layout at all).... but here it iz!! pleaz comment "using" if u put it on ur layout !! 『Circus's Detail』

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— by shappy!!22 Comments


kaitokaitokaitokaitokaitokaitokaitokaitokaitokaitokaitokaitokaitokaitokaitokaitokaitokaitokaitokaito and also nigaito kaiko | comment if using pretty please!!!!!!!! | KAITO PROJECT MIRAI KAITO ADDICT KAITO ADDICT 2 KAITO PJSK NIGAITO HANDSOME KAITO KAIKO KAIKO 2 KAITO V3 KAITO BREAD LITTLE KAITO

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— by Ace of fish :3 || Rainy!!!! (*^▽^*)4 Comments

Senbozakura - by Kurousa-P - Autoplay

Yayy senbozakura woohoo!!!! Reqs are open btw!!

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