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— by (っ◔◡◔)っ ♥ Kai-ra (warning auto play) ♥

Fly-day chinatown by yasuha!

Fly-day Chinatown by Yasuha! Comment if using if you'd like! (I don't mind if you don't wanna comment)

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— by Shynsigg2 Comments

Puyo Puyo Spacehey Logo!

Nothing more to say i guess, enjoy

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— by Liliwyn1 Comment

Miyavi Fan

A simple Miyavi layout with: 🟣Loading intro screen 🟣Background gif 🟣Top banner 🟣Circular profile pic 🟣Scroll bar 🟣Guitar pick cursor 🟣"Online Now" flashing icon 🟣Transparent modules -Change any of the colors by inputting hex codes, and of course you can further customize.

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— by GioGio3 Comments

Hetalia Japan/Kiku layout

Hi, hi!! Here's another layout!! A Japan themed one, I'll probably do the other main characters of Hetalia but I'll also do side characters or other hetalia themed stuff!!! (I'd love making something Nyotalia or Nekotalia related), anyways, feel free to use as a base or as inspo and change if wanted, credit not needed ^o^ P.S. The final product looks different than from the picture shown, I just w...

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— by KασKασ ♥44 Comments

Aesthetic Pixel City Layout

Background Image by I really liked the aesthetic of this image I found so I made an entire layout based on it LUL (add me or comment if u use it itll be really cool to see who likes this o(=•ェ•=)m)

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— by Kitten3 Comments


This is a layout for owners interested in Japan.   Feel free to use this as a template or as an actual layout for your blog or your profile but do you add me and/or comment to make sure that you have notified me that you have use this particular layout. Enjoy

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— by TWILA'S LAY0UT SHACK2 Comments



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— by Cory131 Comments

City Nights

cruise through this pixel nights. leave me a comment or friend me if you use this!

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— by Miraculous Max3 Comments

Cherry Blossom Dance

Adds a Japanese flair to your profile! Watch as the cherry blossoms fall whenever you visit your page. Please be sure to credit me if you decide to use this, and leave the CSS comments crediting me in as well.

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— by Cory19 Comments

City Nights

This is a one-column theme that has a Japanese Night vibe, complete with rain and muted colors. Optimized for mobile, this theme looks great in Chrome and Safari, and has lots of interesting design choices for a stand-out profile.

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