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— by Pixel1 Comment

Flipped layout code!

You can use this as a base! Make your layout look unique!

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— by ⚠︎𝟎𝐋𝐃 𝐒𝐏𝟎𝐑𝐓⚠︎™2 Comments

Space/Stars/Galaxy themed layout

this is my first time making a layout and i used a base (made by TheJasmineSixx [LunaGloomyCore] but i think i did pretty okay. im sorry if theres extra unecessary code packed in there or if something doesnt work. also theres free tinypixels and blinkies!1!1!!1! that definitly motivates you to use this. i also reccomend adding this layout! https://layout...

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— by char☆2 Comments

Lucky Star Inspired Theme Layout

Lucky Star (specifically Tsukasa) inspired layout. Includes a scrollbox and a hello kitty cursor, you can put stamps and blinkies or stuff about you inside of the scrollbox. Comment if using!

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— by char☆

Black and Pink layout

Includes stickers and backgrounds, you can add things like stamps and a custom cursor if you want :D Comment if using >:3

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— by digital★stitches

Add A Banner To Your Layout Base

just replace the IMAGELINKHERE with the link to ur image :)

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— by # kenny / john

chatgpt purple generated layout

I'm unsure if this works jhdsgdf I MIGHT test it out. IDC if u give creds or wtv lul do as you please

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— by B4GGY12 Comments


Just black and white. Can be used as a base. Credit not required. Edit: Thank you for all the comments!!! Edit 2: When making a layout, I recommend using [] for testing them!

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— by anti27 Comments

SpaceHey Dark Mode

feel free to use as a base no need for creds :)

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— by †⠀⠀SCYTHiDEL4 Comments

SKYBERRY (BASE LAYOUT) | super sonicodes

this is my second ever base layout, and unlike the first one; it strays away from the overall spacehey layout! it's important that you at least have a bit of coding knowledge, it'll be helpful! oh, and that box SPECIFICALLY for stamps? yeah please don't put anything else there but stamps because it scrolls horizontally (of course it can be removed if you wish). also, please use a SQUARE image (100...

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— by †⠀⠀SCYTHiDEL5 Comments

BASE LAYOUT W/ BIO! | super sonicodes

THIS LAYOUT IS CURRENTLY BROKEN FROM WHAT I'VE BEEN HEARING, PLEASE USE MY BASE LAYOUT SKYBERRY INSTEAD my first ever base layout!!! it's important that you at least have some coding knowledge ^__^ it's important that you change the inner border colors to the same color as the background of the container that each inner div element is in, and PLEASE make sure you change the links of the buttons (s...

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— by roxy1 Comment

— by roxy8 Comments

change the titles of the contact links

been trying 2 do this 4 a while n thought 2 myself hey theres got 2 b at least one other person whos also tryna figure this shit out so uuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu

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— by ♱𝓗𝓪𝓷𝓷𝓪𝓱1 Comment

fixed image background (it wont move when u scroll

put your image adress in the "ADD HERE" but keep the ' '

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— by TRaGiiCTaYY4 Comments

As Long As I'm With You

My personal favorite. Profile is flipped. This layout hides status and profile info, url, interests, blog posts, friends and comments. Screenshot taken on mobile, in landscape mode. If you use this, please comment or add me on here. Thank you! :)

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— by TRaGiiCTaYY1 Comment

Go Dark or Go Home

My old layout that I created using base codes. Hides online now, url, interests, blog posts, friends and comments. Screenshot taken on mobile, in landscape mode. If you used this, please comment or add me. Thank you, :) 

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