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preview the blog here Copy the code below and Paste it into your blog above your content. You can add the css before writing your blog content, or afterwards. I find it easier to add it after you have your blog content if you plan to add more styling or if you want to edit the CSS code. Here is a quick how-to if you need it: If you still need help, check out my blog for more info or questions or c...

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It's a red layout :) you can put this code into your about me . I have the blog css layout here check out my blog for more info or questions or comments ~ more preview:

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Sheehan 2008

A recreation of the layout of in late 2008. If you use this theme, please don't hesitate to leave a comment. Credit isn't really needed, it's more or less Hannah Sheehan's own layout than mine. This doesn't come with a header image unfortunately. It's quite easy to make though, it's the Georgia font overlapping eachother and the Helvetica font with some letter spacing. Until then,...

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