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The original video is here . The original video had an introduction at the start, and that cramped my style so I edited it.

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mandela catalogue layout

yay!!!! update 1/14/2024: tysm for using this layout!!! it means so much and i love seeing all of ur profiles with it! tbh i never expected ppl to actually use it XD but tysm!!!

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— by ⨂ valerie vengeance ⨂8 Comments

Mandela Catalogue themed layout

i hate this hhhh requested by Xeno , i hope u like this more than i do lmao doesn't include anything special :P don't remove the credit + comment if u use!

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— by KEN ☆3 Comments

distraught funkdela catalogue autoplay !!

no need to credit me ig, but i'd rlly appreciate a comment if used ^_^

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