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— by ⸝⸝ ꒰ Angel Food 🍉ㆍ₊⊹5 Comments

Crybaby Melanie Martinez spinning album

comment if using, give creds if wanted, rqs for vinyls/songs open!!

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— by FINN9 Comments


This was a bit rushed but done as a request from my friend!! Comment if using, please!! Feel free to change anything about the layout, as well :3

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— by Vampy!10 Comments

Melanie Martinez Portals gif

you can change the shape by changing the width and height number! Also, the gif has a blank background, but the background I have in the pic is black. You can comment if you're using but don't have to! Enjoy the decor, fellow Earthlings!

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— by Elián >31 Comment


Melanie Martinez portals inspired layout :3 Fairee soireé autoplay comment if using or any issue u can see it in my test page "Elian's test page" (for now)

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— by Nelly (Mel's version)

Melanie Martinez


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— by Elián >33 Comments

Tag You're it - Melanie Martinez Autoplay

Comment if using or not working :))) . Accepting requests!!

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— by rinaaa ⦻31 Comments

evil - melanie martinez !!

requested !! plz comment if using!!

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— by rinaaa ⦻12 Comments