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— by Amelia!1!1 ^_^7 Comments

Silly little Jerma gif :3

Idk man check my page to see how it looks. Comment "using" if you use :333

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— by ✯XxJaded_JinxxX✯50 Comments

Blue Scene ^_^

It'z blue, and it'z scene!! Plz comment if you're using!! :3

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— by starry melanson

Full moon craziness

If you like the full moon or not, or if you just like the aesthetic of the full moon, then this is your actual layout for you to have. Be sure to add and comment before using. Kay thanks

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— by Duncan23 Comments

mcr lil marching buddy gif

ur emo? here, i present 2 u this creation, he marches in place on the right side of ur layout but comment below if you want him on the other side of it

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— by doodledust

My Epic Layout!!!

super cool simple layout

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— by Ariana Raykotto1 Comment

Italic Pink Theme

cool pls say using if using but no need to credit

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— by Rebecca Jeane

Funky purple and green

Sorry my code is a mess, I'm just saving it for later. The edit I did in the General box: So, I set the display of everything except td under "General". I set the little headers inside it as h5, and put in a horizontal rule (hr) to divide sections. For the bottom details, I made the bold bits as class="deets". Use the selector for those if you so choose, or just leave those out. I only put them in...

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— by Marsh_the_interdimensional

My layout!

It has oleanders and honey, and it's never going to make me money (how to start this so I said that :/) if you don't like my layout and/or want to make your own, here is an AMAZING tutorial

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— by Zeke !!5 Comments

Eyestrain happi layout

All things are available to change hehe!

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— by .·:*¨π˜—π˜¦π˜’𝘯𝘢𝘡¨*:·.4 Comments

Rat Hypnosis

This is a layout I made for my friend Jay :P use if you please Comment if you use it

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— by .·:*¨π˜—π˜¦π˜’𝘯𝘢𝘡¨*:·.3 Comments

Lightning Layout πŸ—²

Lignting is super cool and I was superised to see that there arent many layouts for it Thunder sounds in backgorund Comment is you use^^

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— by .·:*¨π˜—π˜¦π˜’𝘯𝘢𝘡¨*:·.13 Comments

— by CJ6 Comments

you're so dead

the background is a gif (kinda) and the border is a cool pixelated workspace thing. the cursor is a rat. feel free to use lmao

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— by w4t3rm3l0n4 Comments

Neon pink and green !!

Kinda scenecore neon pink and green layout. neon watermelon vibez

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— by tom β˜…2 Comments

blink182 themed layout !

based off the toypaj album! warning this is very messy and mediocre as it is my first layout, and a shit ton of credit to KingBoo ( for making like all of this! i just basically recolored it and added some icons and stuff, ill definitely take it down if the original creator is uncomfy!!

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— by rex135 Comments

emo blue stars

emo layout w lots of blue and stars. if anything doesnt work lmk! pls make sure to credit me on ur page.

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— by x.{finn}.x

a cool layout

yeah inspired off of this!! test with this updated becus the background didnt work on 4x3. now it does. spacehey is best viewed on a 4x3 crt anyways.

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— by 🎧 : Μ—Μ€βž› ykkeio13 Comments


XIAO LAYOUT!!!! Anyone is free to use!! Pls just credit me and Friend me/comment !!!    DO NOT DELETE MY CREDIT/URL !!!be like other people and just move it to a more  convenient  spot for you!!! This layout features an intro screen!!! Just like all my other layouts, there's a bouncing animation, a floating png in the bottom right corner, Gif banner, An img to replace "ONLINE!!", and a decorated c...

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— by Joelle10 Comments

Black And Red Emo Layout

Hiiii I made this myself and I'm super proud of it

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— by _Going_to_Gerany_2 Comments

80s teen years

What a teenager had in his/her teen years in the 1980s

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