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— by T4yl0r☆9 Comments

Star Clip from KFC in the corner

⭐please comment if using⭐

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— by 𐔌  .  centipede  ! 🎀6 Comments

ssstamp thingy idk

its a gif + i didnt make this pls comment if u use it Thanks,,,,

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— by Chulp1

Simple layout that looks cool and fresh

just a cool layout that i created and using by myself

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— by Miguelito

Gustavo Fring Yes

my first blinkie, i made it for fun

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— by ComputerBlade20 Comments

The Vibrant Dark 2000

A cool vibrant colored theme I made. It looks good in the eyes and is a bit colorful with the greens, blues, reds, etc! Please make sure to credit me and comment here or on my profile if you use it!

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— by yaen/aspen

green and purple bulletin theme?

a green and purple bulletin theme thing - i made this for myself and ive been keeping it to myself but ive decided to share it because maybe other people want bulletin layouts too idk. if its broken plz lmk i'll try to fix it ──────────﹒★﹒﹒─ ─﹒﹒★﹒────────── also idk if anyone needs it, but to use this just press the two arrow looking things on the left of the bulletin bar and paste the code, then ...

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— by hayl(eh)96 Comments

Simple Lee

**READ EVERYTHING BEFORE USING** i do not own any images or codes used in this layout! everything belongs to their respective owners and copyrights dark, simple layout with custom online indicator, a tinted blue theme, crosshair cursor and typewriter font. the goal has been trying to work on creative projects like these without forcing myself to create anything extravagant and getting discouraged,...

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— by Novastronomy5 Comments

Spree (Currently broken - fixing)

Spree themed Layout!! I'm so happy how this turned out! Feel free to use!! Don't remove credit, I used my own art on this, the two Kurt profile buddies are my fanart

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— by l3tzd0r4nd0m

— by yaen/aspen15 Comments

flip your profile

um it flips ur profile? sharing because i dont wanna lose it lol

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— by meatbuuuuuns12 Comments

**✿❀ nightlife ❀✿**

my main inspo for this one was mr. by kara... but i think it went a little off the rails, lol. with that said, please comment if you use... i would like to see...! - dark blue accents - banner - dotted border for pfp - font!!! - online icon replaced by "i love you" typed out - silver ipod shuffle cursor - rounded corners - old computer screen overlay - messy code ahead... proceed with caution and ...

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— by Sam 85 Comments

— by Charbomber

Space Background (from Charbomber's Zone)

Copy the code and slap it somewhere in your profile! This is the star background stuff copied directly from my website, Charbomber's Zone. I didn't see any other more minimal space-related themes that I liked, so I just made my own by stealing it from my own website. Have fun with it :]

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— by Nercrotix

Parrallax Effect Banner

Hey! I'm new to this site and I wanted to contribute a little bit. This is something cool I learned in my middle school coding class. It's called a "Parrallax" effect. What it does is it keeps an image in place while you scroll down. It's pretty cool. If you wan't to change out the image feel free. Just go into the code and switch out the URL. Example: background-image: url('INSERT URL HERE'); I s...

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— by SMBLawfirm

AJR - 2085 [Song]

Just drop into the music section :)

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— by don / spooky ✟68 Comments

free ipod nano troll

this is a rickroll link that when clicked, will send the user to a rickroll. you can chaneg the video to be anything if youd like.

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— by . ݁₊ ☕⊹ . ݁🤓˖ . ݁9 Comments

☆Cótiles/Ena Remix (Allergic to people)☆

another song requested by a friend, I love this song because of my animation meme phase (I'm still in this phase even after years) anyway ----- requests released (give me the credits and if it doesn't work let me know)

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— by 𖤐 Ethan 𖤐5 Comments

Raining yellow guy

Super duper coolio (i dont need credits)

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— by POLAЯIS45✮ \m/8 Comments

flaming skull cursor

this is a cool skull cursor for your profile!

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— by amelia (^_-)≡☆ (#1 izombie fan)13 Comments

Silly little Jerma gif :3

Idk man check my page to see how it looks. Comment "using" if you use :333

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