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— by NIKOLAS!!!

Little Bunny Fuck You - Ode to Paraphilia [autoplay]

for my fellow Little Bunny Fuck You fans who love this song!!! credit iz optional [not sure who credits autoplay but meh]

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— by rikicore57 Comments

— by madman2 Comments

Default Myspace Profile

Default Myspace profile layout from late 2000s. Feel free to use, no need for credit

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— by psyclone

— by camila1 Comment

welcome 2 myspace glitter gif (bottom right corner)

welcome 2 myspace glitter gif (bottom right corner)

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— by vel venomous ☣︎12 Comments

Rainbow / pink scene layout

there's a grey cursor and the background moves. credit me if u use it!

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— by xXPixieDaNekoXx12 Comments

[READ DESCRIPTION] Shiny MySpace logo

The image used is not mine! it belongs to wyattsmomees. Made this for personal use, but sharing just in case anyone wants it! If you want to credit, credit this person instead of me:

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— by MixiNyanz27 Comments

Mixi eating a Myspace logo!

A small silly logo layout i drew in mspaint for 5 minutes :)

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— by PLAYERβ˜†1 PE*PE!🌺🌊55 Comments


Hibiscus Pink Logo for your Profile ! β­‘β˜† It'll appear on the Top Left Corner of your Profile ! Enjoy

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— by malice22 Comments

malice in wonderland

cute layout based on my neocities website :3 100 x 100 profile avis or smaller work best with it feel free to change the colors or use as a general base (for personal use only do not reupload!)

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— by 11 Comments

Star sailing bulletin

This is a bulletin layout. Layout codes work in bulletins if the code block is compacted into a single line. You can use this for a profile, too if you want. Give your post a little excitement at the speed of light. This is in constant motion which the picture preview is unable to show, but I was able to use it here, too so you can pretty much see what it is. πŸ˜‚ type the text you want, Switch the b...

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— by Speak! 8 Comments

Top 8!

Add me to your friends list here Make sure to credit me by linking my page on your profile or adding me to your top 8 😁. This Top 8 will not have it's own fonts, so it will automatically change based on the styles you used on your page. This makes the code more responsive. Oh and it's supposed to squish when on mobile, just so that it doesn't go outside your page. ---------------------------------...

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— by 𓆩 𝔗𝔦𝔣𝔣 π“†ͺ10 Comments

Gothic in blue (BASE BY LEENA)

the base of this layout is called victorian blue by leena base link: mainly uploading this for personal archiving reasons c: free to use!

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— by Lily Lethal34 Comments

Scene Stars Blog Layout

Pink scene BLOG layout with pink and green stars. This is a BLOG LAYOUT made to match this profile layout I made: THIS CODE WILL NOT FULLY WORK ON YOUR PROFILE! PLEASE USE THE OTHER LAYOUT CODE LINKED TO CUSTOMISE YOUR PROFILE PAGE. Paste the code into the top of your BLOG ENTRY while in "HTML mode" (top left button of content box when you edit/make a b...

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— by Lily Lethal85 Comments

Scene Stars Layout

Pink scene layout with pink and green stars, comes with an Online gif and matching contact icons I made myself! This was my first layout but I've retired it and decided to let others use it XD Feel free to use this as is, modify to suit your taste, or just to help u learn CSS :) Pls comment and/or add me if u use this layout tho! Here's a matching layout you can use on your blog: https://layouts.s...

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— by VIXX !25 Comments

Myspace logo on your account! (White ver)

Thank you @Tally Hall for making this code! :DD

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— by GRIFFEN3 Comments


advent calender 2022, not christmas. even if it was christmas and i was using it how am i supposed to screenshot a moving picture?

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I have yet to make one myself, this is just an offering from Spacehey's 2022 advent calender, enjoy! (still not a christmas layout though)

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— by GRIFFEN1 Comment


not christmas, still from the advent calendar, uploading to archive it. no picture 'cause i AINT USING IT

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— by VIXX !3 Comments

Myspace logo on your account!

If you want some of that nostalgia, then here you are! :]

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