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— by Generic_Dev3 Comments

New MySpace icon on profile - Modern

This is something I didn't find, I'm talking about the new MySpace icon, I know it's a bit simple, but I like it, it's minimalist and simple, basically what this design does is replace the SpaceHey icon that appears on the profile with this icon, which would be the new, or modern MySpace icon, this new icon appears in, and it looks great if you combine it with a minimalist design, sinc...

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— by Generic_Dev8 Comments

Classic MySpace icon for your profile

I know that there are several similar designs, in fact, I was looking for something similar to this among all the layouts, but the ones I found were not well made, they looked stretched, pixelated, poor quality, very small, etc. And that's why I've decided to make this design, it's a very good design, very neat, this layout replaces the SpaceHey icon that appears at the top left of the profile wit...

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— by N4TH4N43L_XP

Rockstar Spacehey Layout 2008 - 2024

Black Cat - Mayday Parade Rockstar Myspace Layout 2008 Rockstar Spacehey Layout 2024 Hello users, today I bring you a Layout that I recreated or tried to recreate, originally this Layout was from I found the Layout on this page:

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— by TWILA'S LAY0UT SHACK4 Comments



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— by N4TH4N43L_XP

Jeffree Star Spacehey Layout 2008 - 2024

get away with mur - jeffree star Jeffree Star Myspace Layout 2008 Jeffree Star Spacehey Layout 2024 Hello users, today I bring you a Layout that I recreated or tried to recreate, this Layout was from one that Jeffree Star used on around 2008 this is the page that inspired me page:

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— by N4TH4N43L_XP

6arelyhuman - FASTER N HARDER

Fecha de lanzamiento: 2024 Artistas: 6arelyhuman, asteria, kets4eki, Sassy Scene, Anarchist Sanctuary Álbum: Faster n Harder (Party Like A Rockstar) Género: Dance/Electrónica

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— by N4TH4N43L_XP

Michael Wendler - HäSCHENPARTY

Artista: Michael Wendler Álbum: Wendlers Welt Fecha de lanzamiento: 2009

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— by frank49 Comments

Animated My Chemical Romance Spacehey Logo

Saw this cool blinkie and I had to turn it into a logo, enjoy

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— by lexixd15 Comments

magenta and cyan layout

this iz my old layout b4 I changed it :) feel free 2 use or dissect !!! comment if u're using it :)

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— by Angel6 Comments

— by Angel5 Comments

ZEBRA PRINT (original myspace layout re coded) cmt if using (:

the original layout code didnt work so i re did it heres the original:

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— by Digital★Stitches

Add A Banner To Your Layout Base

just replace the IMAGELINKHERE with the link to ur image :)

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— by hayl(eh)3 Comments

Music Profile Badge (Static)

** READ EVERYTHING BEFORE USING** i do not own any images or codes used in this layout! everything belongs to their respective owners and copyrights myspace music -inspired profile badge thrown together with messy css. color has been changed to avoid copyright. enjoy! original: what you're getting: RULES: - don't remove credit - feel free to make changes but do not claim as your own - follow space...

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— by danica ౨ৎ70 Comments

— by nickmeece

ForBiddeN's OG MySpace Layout

ForBiddeN (RIP, aka Christine Dolce) was one of the biggest MySpace celebrities of all time. This is her layout circa 2006.

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— by luci purnell3 Comments

— by ceruleantrigger

myspace logo (working)

working myspace logo for your profile :)

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— by rai-rai 😎

Myspace Music

Make sure to visit Veronica's layout and profile! Add her too!

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— by kris14 Comments


wanna change ur logo to say myspace?? use this :3 (PLS COMMENT IF U USE IT!!) edit: this doesn’t work anymore!!! i’ll fix it it or link a new one as soon as i get to working on it!! i’m sorry guys!! :((

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