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— by Tobben van Elric27 Comments

— by Lewis20 Comments

Frutiger XP

Frutiger Aero Layout. Inspired in the layouts created by: Cory, tilapia and Valentine.

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— by Ashton9 Comments

Frutiger Aquarium

This layout is inspired by that handsoap with the fish in it

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— by Xx_rawring.xd_xX57 Comments

[FIXED] wii owner bar (made by me ^_^)

(requested by iiTzSebas) little decoration bar for u to put on ur profile ^_^ (pls comment if using :3) [everything made by me] ♪.•*¨*•.¸¸♬♪.•*¨*•.¸¸♬♪.•*¨*•.¸¸♬♪.•*¨*•.¸¸♬ animated preview:

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— by Tobben van Elric5 Comments

Purple tab

not necessary comment if using :3

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— by Tobben van Elric29 Comments

Random interest bars :3

Is not necessary comment if using uwu

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— by Feral Dawgg ☆11 Comments

Windows Media Player Frame Thingy

Just something simple i made, wanted to share this for anyone that is brand BRAND new to html/css and wanted to do something like this. its just 2 images and a youtube embedd.. nothing crazy. // EDIT: i just made some other frames for this, theyre all in this imgbb album :D ➡➡

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— by IPTVman39 Comments

Windows Live PFP Border

This is the PFP border from my Windows 7 Layout if you want to use it on other layouts.

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— by xXxKyLeRcAnFlYyxXx9 Comments

(REQUESTED) Black and white frutiger metro(?) layout

Some1 in my discord dms requested thiz, so thiz iz 4 them ^_^ lmk if ur using it!! if anythingz broken lmk abt that

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— by xXxKyLeRcAnFlYyxXx8 Comments

Messy frutiger metro(?) layout !!!!!!

Heyoo, thiz is my second layout ever ^_^ plz be nice (as stated in my other layout), and plz lemme know if ur using it! Itz kinda messy so srry about dat..@_@ Hope u like it!!!! :D if anythingz broken plz lemme know and ill try 2 fix it >.

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— by silly10 Comments

scene frutiger metro 2000s layout!!1! :3

i hope you like it! :3 comes with custom bubble cursor!1!! pls lmk if using!!1!!1!

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— by aliexed ✩

— by IPTVman9 Comments

Windows 7 Aero Basic

This theme is for enhanced readability purposes

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— by IPTVman39 Comments

Windows 7 Aero Glass V2

This is a heavily optimized and modified version of my old Windows 7 layout, it now has animations, easier customization, more realism and even a PFP border.

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— by Sunsong34 Comments

Frutiger Aero Themed Layout

i wanted a frutiger themed layout and i went hmmm, and there was NONE. so i decided to make my own :) this is my first layout Theres supposed to be music but it doesnt work -bubble cursor tho free to use or whatever you want to use it for il work on adding music btw it HAS animation its just you cant see it screenshots..

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