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— by โžข Yuuxi ๐–ค+โ‚Š6 Comments

Profile pic floating animation (hover)!

It's the same as my other floating animation layout This one just has a small difference, which is that instead of ".friend img:hover" it is ".profile-pic:hover" so.. again... You can change the animation to shaking if you've got the code from another layout (like mixing codes!) To do so you have to change the animation (under ".profile-pic:hover{") from "Animation: 0.5s float" to "Animation: 0.5s...

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— by โžข Yuuxi ๐–ค+โ‚Š6 Comments

Friend floating image animation!

You can change the animation to shaking if you've got the code from another layout (like mixing codes!) To do so you have to change the animation (under ".friends img:hover{") from "Animation: 0.5s float" to "Animation: 0.5s Animation Name ", you can also change the time the animation plays at to a faster or slower speed by changing the 0.5 seconds of the same section! Also I can't post a screensh...

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— by Dragoncalabro3 Comments

CRT-style effect that works with loading screens

This will get the CRT effect to work without disabling your loading screen. Put the code after your loading screen code, but inside the style container.

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— by BLADER4 Comments

Noise/Grain Screen Effect

this effect is perfect for profiles with grungy and dark vibes/aesthetics! (if you wanna replace the grain effect, delete everything that comes after "url" inside the parenthesis and paste the image address of the new grain effect u want on your profile)

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— by Stalkernaut8 Comments

Rainbow Linkz(& buttonz)!

make it so when you stop hovering over the linkz, it fades thru the colorz of the rainbow! the buttonz need to be not white/grey for it to go rainbow tho. no credit needed, you dont have to comment anything, just use it!

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— by Nercrotix

Parrallax Effect Banner

Hey! I'm new to this site and I wanted to contribute a little bit. This is something cool I learned in my middle school coding class. It's called a "Parrallax" effect. What it does is it keeps an image in place while you scroll down. It's pretty cool. If you wan't to change out the image feel free. Just go into the code and switch out the URL. Example: background-image: url('INSERT URL HERE'); I s...

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— by sah14 Comments


For those who want the rainbow effect without the shake!

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— by sah58 Comments

Image shake + hoverrainbow

Hii! I know this is not original, but since I cant find it ANYWHERE and i know people have been looking for something like this, here is the code!

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— by sah3 Comments

Pink and purple hover text <3

Pink and purple whe u hover over text !!!! Comment if u like it !!!

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— by ๐Ÿ“š Haru แถป๐˜‡๐ฐ43 Comments

twinkling stars overlay ! ^^

i made this and i am currently using this on my profile, so i just wanted to share this in case others also want twinkling stars overlayed their own profile! no need for credits !! just comment "using" if your gonna use it~ (really curious on the ppl who use it lol)

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— by ๐ŸŒˆโ˜† หšห– (เน‘òแ†บóเน‘) ห– หš โ˜†๐ŸŒธ134 Comments

Flying bubbles profile effect :3

Hey,, feel free to use this layout! Credits are appriciated but not needed, just don't respost and claim it as yours :> Also pls comment/give kudos so I know how many ppl are using it :3 If you got any questions/issues feel free to ask in the comments or in my DMs :)

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— by ๐ŸŒˆโ˜† หšห– (เน‘òแ†บóเน‘) ห– หš โ˜†๐ŸŒธ1955 Comments

Falling rainbow pastel starts ( transparent effect )

Hey! If you will use this please comment "using" below,,, I just want to know how many people uses it lol, also credits are optional, but do not repost and claim as yours. เฌช(เน‘•แด—•เน‘)เฌ“ โ™ก Also please let me know if you have any issue :3 (og gif:

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— by briant โ˜†25 Comments

vhs/noise/tv screen effect

tv noise effect for your profile (i can't find this effect anywhere)

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