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— by ( ´เฝ€` ) เน‹เฃญ โญ‘87 Comments

rei ayanami floating dancing gif !! (right,bottom)

copy n paste the code in order to use . comment "using!" if using 4 profile .

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— by Malcolm2 Comments

Neon Genesis Evangelion layout

An Evangelion layout. Depending on how many blog entries you have, you may need to adjust the height of the Rei graphic, but that should be easy enough, just go to the code for it and adjust the "top" part however you need. Comment if you use

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— by ๐†๐š๐ญ๐ฌ๐›๐ฒ. ๐Ÿ‰28 Comments

evangelion nerv stamp

"GOD'S IN HIS HEAVEN. ALL'S RIGHT WITH THE WORLD." stamp is on my profile if you want to see all the frames

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— by โœŸ1 Comment

— by H3arts4Gb320 Comments

Evangelion blinkies pack!

I made blinkies from blinkie cafe, please comment if using and tell me if it doesn't work! (also i dont mean *insert character here* lover in a weird way yall) i misspelled blinkies on the preview!!

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— by H3arts4Gb312 Comments

Evangelion gif pack 2.0!

please comment if using, if it doesn't work please tell me!

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— by H3arts4Gb38 Comments

Evangelion gif pack!

since there are no evangelion layout gifs then ill be making some, there are 6 gifs, more might come. if it doesn't work please tell me! please comment if your using.

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— by Malcolm1 Comment

Evangelion layout

Just an Eva layout. Comment if you use

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— by nxrdy12 Comments


Rei and Asuka in about me

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— by agony2 Comments

— by agony1 Comment

— by rio

Rei Ayanami holding the earth

This is just a code that will add Rei from Eva holding a spinning earth to the background of your profile. It works better on transparent or opaque layouts. Please comment if you decide to use it!

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— by mafu!5 Comments

silly rei elements

dumb stuff i made while fucking around with gifs. no need 4 creds

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