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— by ⸝⸝ ꒰ Angel Food ☕︎ㆍ₊⊹3 Comments

Kamikaze Girls film gif

Copy and past code into about me section!! All creds go to for original gif :), comment if using and give creds if u want :3

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— by lunasauce3 Comments

chidori yoshino themed layout (tw for medical imagery)

here's a theme based off of the gothic lolita member of strega, chidori yoshino!!! features: snowflakes junpei's hat sitting on icon, stolen right off her boyfriend's head chibi chidori in the bottom right corner unavoidable battle (strega's boss theme) playing in the background custom online gif chidori intro from p3reload this is my first layout so sorry if it isnt the best LOL i rarely paid att...

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— by SUMAN SUMAN!!🎀4 Comments

Sweet Lolita Bakery Layout

A cute and sweet layout inspired by sweet lolita and bakeries! Feel free to edit if you wish. If you use this layout, please say so in the comments! :DD

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— by sleepyjelly3 Comments

floral lolita theme

its cute got bunnies, roses, and berries. very quick and lazy theme. if you want diff icons for the contact table use this and replace the links .contact .inner .f-row:nth-child(1) .f-col:nth-child(1) a:before { content: url(; } .contact .inner .f-row:nth-child(2) .f-col:nth-child(1) a:before { content: url(

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— by Valentine61 Comments

halloween / gothic lolita / pixel art layout

cutesy layout with tons of pixelated charm~ this layout is free to edit! please leave a comment if you use this- it took me a lot of time to make and i'd like to see how it grows. if any of the assets break, lmk in the comments. !! click here for a bigger sample image !! to get the custom interests to work, place the tags at the top of the layout code into the "movies" section of your page.

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