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— by clear8 Comments

change your friend list names

Self explanatory, it gives the most recent people on your list nicknames. You can see a preview of this on my page. Only works for the people shown in the grid preview box. Works best if you just want to make the box look cute, but you can get specific with it. Keep in mind the names stay with the spot they're in (1st, 2nd, etc) and not with the person currently in that spot. Whoever is currently ...

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— by clear18 Comments

Give everyone in your friends list matching icons

If your mutuals' icons don't fit your layout, now you can change that. Let them know you think they have terrible taste without saying it. Instructions are written in the code, only has 5 spots filled in individually. Follow the pattern (6), (7), (8), etc to add more. Looks best with icons of equal width/height. Icons not changed by the nth and first tags will appear as the default icon (set to Na...

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— by clear20 Comments

Witch's Notes Layout

Mostly monochrome with some cyan accents, I just wanted to make something loosely inspired by sticky notes. Layout features: -- grid background that changes color with your background's color (You can change this by changing the body tag's background color from "lightgrey" to whatever) -- 1 side gif (mayura) -- all icons are star pixels -- custom logo -- customized buttons *not made to be viewed o...

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— by skunk66 Comments

two left/right hanging skeletons (they follow when u scroll :D)

copypaste into about me to use ^^ modified from a mishmash of a bunch of layouts im using, lmk if it doesn't work n comment if ur using it :3 (^w^) ✧・゚: *✧・゚:* feel free to add/message me ✧・゚: *✧・゚:*

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— by skunk

Babylon... Loathe autoplay

what the title says - copy paste to abt me to use

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— by ehrmantraut4 Comments

Goth - Sidewalks and Skeletons

[ENG] Use the song if you like it! If you have any questions, problems, you can write to me or request your song [ESP] ¡Usa la canción si te gusta! Si tienes alguna duda, problema, puedes escribirme o solicitar tu canción.

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— by agony

— by agony1 Comment

— by mawiya 43 Comments

— by Abronyx


★ You dont need to comment if used, the image is not mine, I took it from pinterest!

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— by agony1 Comment

— by xannyprincess28 Comments

Gothic Emo Princess Blingee☆

super cute! comment if using :P

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— by mawiya 212 Comments

pink and red blinkies

cute matching blinkies !! comment if using ^_^

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— by serpentine.divinity103 Comments

Red + black blinkies

More red and black blinkies !! No creds necessary. They're labeled in the code so u know what's what !!

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— by serpentine.divinity94 Comments

Red and black blinkies (labeled!!)

Six red + black blinkies I have !! No credit necessary

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— by xannyprincess41 Comments

skull gif png!

Transparent skull gif jus spinnin around :D comment if using! lmk if broken plzz

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— by mawiya 298 Comments

gothic gifs

cute little goth gifs to add anywhere on your profile !! ^_^ comment if using

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— by noxx

goth stuff with silly skeleton

it's ok if you don't comment when using :3 unfortunately no screenshot available

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— by Anguirus 23 Comments

dying inside blinkie

another glitchted one sorry

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— by PumpkinGutz3 Comments

Pink dark forest blog

This is a layout for you to use in your blog! Just click the < > button and paste it there before your writing! Matches with my pink dark forest layout, mobile friendly!

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