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— by twiggy3 Comments

scroll box for your comments!

lemme know if it works!! I didn't make this myself, I searched through a bunch of layouts to find just this code. it works for me but I haven't tried tweaking anything so if you try different stuff let me know what works

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— by ·˚Nuggiy!! ༘29 Comments

Scroll box for images/stamps/buttons/blinkies AND IT SLIDES TOO!! (ENG/ESP)

(ENG) Scroll box for your profile, you can copy the code and paste it wherever you want (about me, Who I'd like to meet, etc), you can put as many media as you want by duplicating the "img src" code you can change the size of the scroll box on "width: 400px; height: 80px;" by changing the numbers if you have problems put it in the comments (i'll try to answer (;´д`)ゞ ) free to use!! feel free to c...

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— by ☥☥☥☥4 Comments

— by 🚬🜏NicoNicoTeen🜏🚬(Dont send friend requests) 3 Comments

Buddy holly scroll box

What's with these homies, dissing my girl? Why do they gotta front? What did we ever do to these guys That made them so violent? Woo-hoo But you know I'm yours Woo-hoo And I know you're mine Woo-hoo (And that's for all time) Ooh-wee-hoo, I look just like Buddy Holly Oh-oh, and you're Mary Tyler Moore I don't care what they say about us anyway I don't care about that Don't you ever fear, I'm always...

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— by finn 5 Comments

make anything a scroll box

(without a border or long ass code)

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— by Dr. Krush U

Make Your Profile A Scroll

discovered how to make it and i decided it to share with u guys :) creds to:

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— by ⨂ valerie vengeance ⨂24 Comments

carrd-style brown coffee themed layout

this was supposed to be minimalistic but i ended up w this pls comment if ur gonna use!! includes a custom cursor and a scrollbox for the main part

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— by ⨂ valerie vengeance ⨂4 Comments

blue ocean layout

this doesnt rlly have anything special except a scrollbox on the comments + friends spaces and the pfp blurs when u hover over it comment if ur gonna use!!

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— by aerin (bigolas dickolas)3 Comments

— by finn 1 Comment

how 2 make your profile a scrollbox!!

idfk if the border code works but you can change the height of the scroll box so it would be kewl

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— by BOW / BIVE ✦42 Comments


a layout that looks somewhat like a windows computer!!!! including an epic face cursor, shaky images, custom notification image, comment section scrollbox, stamp & blinkie collection scrollbox, n a silly goodpuffer cube gif!!!

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— by 15 Comments

a dropdown for your images!

a little clickable dropdown for your images on your profile, using the summary tag :). can be put in your interests, about me, or whatever! enjoy. also no need to credit me just basic html. first 3 images are just previews that you can just delete if you want. youll have to add your own for the rest. (personally i recommend to host images or literally anything besides imgur)

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— by 3 Comments

turn interests table into a scrollbox

heads up this will also turn your links table into a scrollbox. idk how to work around that (sorry lol) change the height to make it taller if you want. this should work as long as the layout youre using doesnt mess with interest and link tables' overflow property no need to credit me this is simple html lol 👍🏻

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