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— by apocalypseInsomniac4 Comments

Ranfren cast as your friends

nyon, nyen, luther, randal, sebastian, nana, satoru, and carpet kitty as your friends comment if using :3

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— by Janita :3 (#1 dazai kinnie)1 Comment

BSD character as friends!!

You dont have to give credits, pls say if anything goes wrong lol. none of the art is mine!! i just want more bsd friends over here XD oh yh i also had the liberties to touch up the names a bit for the funsies

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— by weird00 🧃2 Comments

— by Fried_Organs4 Comments

— by Fried_Organs11 Comments

Make ur friends omori characters!! (headspace version)

They move, I PROMISE 🙏 😭 (just updated this to say thanks to all of the people using my stuff 🥲 it means a lot)

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— by Yuriko✮10 Comments

cute friends pfp ♡

if u use it, please "using" so I know ⸜(。˃ ᵕ ˂ )⸝♡

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— by ozzyosbournebuttcheeks4 Comments

— by Boniscool37 Comments

Roblox items (friends icons)(does not work at the moment)

Tell me if it doesn't work okay I got all the images from Pinterest Sorry if my friends names are exposed:(

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— by VIX / VIKTOR!☆6 Comments

Moral Orel characters as your friends!! :D

Made this cuz I was bored lol Feel free to use it without credit you don't even need to comment loll

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— by BadBoy xD53 Comments

profile, friends and comments heart shaped ❤

Your profile photo and that of your friends in the shape of a heart

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— by unicorb1 Comment

Silent Hill (Green) Theme Layout

My own layout im using This is just for my friend who ask me if she can have the same one, so dont expect any updates :>

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— by Lukaas_01 Comment

Splatoon octo shaped friends く⁠コ⁠:⁠彡

This layout changed your friends' pfps on your profiles to an octo shape from splatoon :O

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— by frank

There's No 'I' In Team by Taking Back Sunday [Autoplay]

Requested by Nova (

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— by clear17 Comments

change your friend list names

Self explanatory, it gives the most recent people on your list nicknames. You can see a preview of this on my page. Only works for the people shown in the grid preview box. Works best if you just want to make the box look cute, but you can get specific with it. Keep in mind the names stay with the spot they're in (1st, 2nd, etc) and not with the person currently in that spot. Whoever is currently ...

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— by clear41 Comments

Give everyone in your friends list matching icons

If your mutuals' icons don't fit your layout, now you can change that. Let them know you think they have terrible taste without saying it. Instructions are written in the code, only has 5 spots filled in individually. Follow the pattern (6), (7), (8), etc to add more. Looks best with icons of equal width/height. Icons not changed by the nth and first tags will appear as the default icon (set to Na...

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— by Kiwi45 Comments

Splatoon inkling friends!!

an inkling version of the octo layout I made for my profile!1 :D lmk if u use it ;^)

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— by Kiwi19 Comments

Octo friends

I broke my whole layout trying to make this but I figured it out!!!! lmk if u use it :D (I need to learn how to code instead of throwing things at the wall and hoping it works) inkling version is out too

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— by Faoladh31 Comments

★ Contacting Options Buttons ★

Some fairy grunge themed buttons for your contacting options buttons (the add friend, message, etc) on your profile! You can replace the emojis with your own, or enter codes for images instead :)

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— by supersillywilly14 Comments

Make friends pfp's circles

Idk if anyones done this before sooo

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