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— by Mikane

— by KYENA1 Comment

— by KYENA

cinnamoroll layout!!

another sanrio layout bc yes >:3 comment if using !!

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— by KYENA

kuromi layout

kuromi layout, includes gif and cursor !!! comment if using plz XD

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— by KYENA2 Comments

my melody layout !!

my melody layout, made with lots of love + includes heart cursor and gif when u enter the page !!

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— by Life as a Teenager

Aesthetic Green Collage Blog Entry Background

A green aesthetic collage background. If you choose to use this layout please give me credit. Please note: this background is only for blog entries and not a profile.

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— by Samuel8 Comments

roblox hamburber cusor

Made by me, open to suggestions i will make anything

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— by ♡°☆Dahlia☆°♡

Omori Aubrey Layout

This doesn't feel right...

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— by m00_moo3 Comments

— by cloud9 Comments

simple drop-down scrollbox !!

a very simple code i whipped up, no creds necessary and edit to your heart's content! feel free to remove my credit line in the code, its mostly for ease of use

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— by kitty.cat01

— by bunnyskieslayouts8 Comments

purple weirdcore layout

a cute weirdcore layout! !!!credit or comment if using!!!

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— by ryan ☆ (miw BRAINROT)4 Comments

uhmm rainbow star layout thing??

tbh idk what this is but i made it and i like it and it has a club penguin dancing gif okay i dont KNOW UAGUHDYGH

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— by catriona2 Comments

haida aggretsuko

second layout i've made, on my profile rn (might change :> ) if u repost i will eat your soullll. i'm in my haida phase as you can see. comment if u need help with anything or if u like it! also credit lolzies this layout has/does: - haida slides in from the right - on mobile, u can't see haida sliding in - at the bottom where u can see ur friends comments the font needs to be a certain colour or ...

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— by Ellieluv96