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— by Starz<364 Comments

𐙚⋆.˚base pink layout𐙚⋆.˚

I haven't seen many base layouts, so I made this, so you don't have to! if used don't say you made it, but you don't have to credit me if you use it. if you change it a lot, please ask me before you post it. (you don't have to worry about if you just want to change it without posting it as your own) TYSM FOR READING!

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— by reza14 Comments

simple red

feel free 2 customize to ur liking!! - pls keep credits ,!! - comment if using !!! - thx :) - i can take requests btw, just lmk !!

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— by reza3 Comments

simple orange

feel free 2 customize to ur liking!!! pls keep credits :) lmk if ur using !!!

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— by M3MPHIS!4 Comments

brown cloud mix

idk if i like this one but here !! clouds and stuff ^^ paste into the "about me" section in ur profilee 

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— by M3MPHIS!1 Comment

soft purple buzz

purple kinda blue looking layout !!

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— by Crash Test Dummy3 Comments

Simple Alien

Simple green and black alien layout

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— by Crash Test Dummy

— by Crash Test Dummy


Layout for people who prefer the simple look of older facebook

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— by sun27 Comments

snowfall layout

snowfall layout a very plain, simple, and calm layout with an animated header and falling snow background. this layout will hide your links, url, friends, and comments. it will also put a grayscale filter on your profile picture. ♥ if you like it/use it, please leave a comment, and feel free to add me!♥

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