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Baby Metal Cd's

Baby Metal cd's Comment if usingggg plssss on my pf,, if you wanna see them

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Green Day cd's // no album cover

Just the Cd's code order 1 - Dookie 2 - revolution radio PLSSS comment if usinggg on my profile if you wanna look!!

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Tv Girl Cd (French Exit)

Shout out to Veronica Malanotte for requesting this!

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My Chemical Romance Cd (Danger Days)

the silliest album ever (which is also my favorite mcr album shhhhh..)

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Panic! At The Disco Cd (Pretty Odd)

this whole album is my national anthem /jkjkjk

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Panic! At The Disco Cd ( A Fever You Can't Sweat Out)

there you go pre split panic fans!! ◕⩊◕

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Pierce The Veil Cd (Misadventures)


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Fall Out Boy Cd (Infinity On High)

shit can happen sometimes, but at least we have infinity on high

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giant vinyl record spinning on your blog

I don't know much about html for this design I had help from chatgtp you can put any other image for the album cover the transparent hole will always be made in the center of the image preview like this or this Credits are not necessary but comment if you plan to use it I want to see what it looks like

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— by sel☆22 Comments

cd spin animation thing

use this to get a cd spin animation on ur profile! feel free to change the album cover to whatever you want i don't mind! comment using if ur going to use cuz i wanna see ur profiles! EDIT: for some reason the cd decided to stop showing up so i changed the cd url so it should work now!

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— by sah23 Comments

Ladybug cd at the corner

Ladybug on cd at the bottom right corner of your screen! Enjoy it, add me if u want and comment if u like it!

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— by ✭ Fren-z ✭239 Comments

Spinning CD online icon

you can replace the image with whatever you want, just find a transparent image of the CD you want and resize it (i recommend 100px x 100px) ( is a good place to find CD images but obviously you could just look on google too)

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