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— by Kiwi16 Comments

light blue octo SpaceHey logo

a custom logo I made for my own layout! i'm planning to do different colors of these so feel free to request one! check out my other layouts for the inkling version :DD comments if u use it ;^)

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— by Ⓐ☭Mrówa☭Ⓐ6 Comments

— by Ⓐ☭Mrówa☭Ⓐ4 Comments

ANTIFA (Anti Fascist Action)-SpaceHey logo

Punch your local fascist!! ( Or do something much worse :] )

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— by Ⓐ☭Mrówa☭Ⓐ3 Comments

— by K.P.4 Comments

Wizard Logo

this is for my fellow wizards 👍

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— by ⚣。 Klavier27 Comments

persona 5 spacehey logo

THX FOR THE USES appreciate it lots ♡♡ i need ace attorney and persona friends soo add me if u like any pls..! ——— sick spacehey logo persona 5 themed i made myself on left top side of ur screen 🤑🤑🤑🤑 ——— comment if used pls i wnna see it on ur profile

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— by 6 Comments

ghost spacehey logo

this only affects your logo. it was turned into a ghost and the letters are dripping. background is transparent!! it just shows black so you can see it. other color requests re open. just comment and ill recreate this in a different color.

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— by psyclone46 Comments

Windows 7 inspired logo v2

2nd revision of the logo i made a while back but only published yesterday, this one is usable even with the default navbar

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— by psyclone3 Comments

Windows 7 inspired logo

made to be used with this Windows 7 layout , but you can use it without anyways

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— by zombieboycoal89 Comments

white star spacehey logo

no need for credit or letting me know ur using! let me know if u have requests!! my other layouts:

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— by Fungi chum(OhCherry)2 Comments

WOLF spacehey logo style

by me, i hope you like it!

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— by mick !48 Comments

clandestine industries site logo

gift for my friends in the dcd/clandestine industries discord server!!! hope u all enjoy. please credit if you're going to use this logo in a layout preset, but otherwise no credit needed. comment if using, enjoy! update 16 november 2023 : had 2 fix the link! it will have broken due to being a discord hotlink in the past. i've replaced it with a catbox link, so it should work again! update 14 apri...

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— by 1 Comment

Custom spacehey logo

Basically just you can set whatever as your spacehey logo with this code

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— by asha ☆༄39 Comments

kenny spacehey logo

custom kenny spacehey logo!! ‼️if u use this pls comment‼️no credits needed but are appreciated!! just don’t claim it as yours or say you made it!

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— by Zombie Scout!3 Comments

button house logo :-) [Ghosts, 2019]

this just replaces the spacehey logo on your profile with uhh this

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