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So this is a welcome home wiki page, I hope you enjoy it!

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— by Sam5 Comments

Welcome Home button

this is from the Welcome Home site, but I made it so it'll work on computers and mobile :)

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— by HenryBoo

prueba 2 wally

prueba wally darling

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— by β˜… Ren/Ads !!4 Comments

Sally Starlet in right corner!!

Get my queen Sally in your profile and slay like her πŸ˜‹ || Plz comment or add me if you use it, or don't, it's okay anyway

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— by β˜… Ren/Ads !!20 Comments

Wally Darling In right corner!!


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— by suiceu20 Comments

Welcome Home Logo

This is the logo i made for my account and have been using for, ah, awhile! I no longer access this account much anymore, so i might as well share something i can! No Credit Needed or Required.

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— by eclips321 Comments

— by Star/Wally <3

Beautiful Dreamer - Bing Crosby


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— by β˜†β‹† VAMPYY !!2 Comments

Welcome Home themed layout 🌈

Welcome Home themed layout!! feel free to add or remove whatever you like

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— by Skell17 Comments

Welcome Home layout

Hello you :) Okay, okay, I decided I got more creative and made this Welcome Home layout in a few hours time. The cursor is a rainbow, and the footer has animated flowers. Feel free to edit it if you want. :) But please make sure to comment when you're using! I'd love to see people's creativity!! You can add me too if you want. c: all assets belong to Clown Illustration

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— by Howdy!β˜…

My layout

I'm just doing this so that when I want to use it again, I can just come here and get it, but if you want, you can take it

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— by Corey3 Comments

Frank Frankly Welcome Home Layout

My first try a a layout let me know if something doesn't work! (Yes requests are open!)

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— by franky8 Comments

eddie dear/ welcome home inspired layout!

l ayout inspired by welcome home! layout has: -autoplaying music (its an instrumental of sunday morning by velvet underground) -custom online indicator -blinkie with credit leading to my page -welcome home badge leading to the webpage -and a fun fish cursor!   layout details: -layout is made for computers -edited version of gloss 2.0 ( permissions: -you ...

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— by 𝓒𝓻𝓸𝓷𝓾𝓼 𝓐𝓢𝓹𝓸𝓻π“ͺ9 Comments

Welcome Home [Wally Darling] w/ music box

Wally Darling is the friendliest neighbor in Welcome Home, perhaps even the best painter too. With a smile like his it’s hard to disagree! Always eager to make new friends and show them around the neighborhood, Wally is happy to lend a helping hand. But you knew that already, didn’t you?~ Layout is mainly Wally Darling themed! You can edit the music box and anything on it if you wish just credit m...

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— by π—π—¨π—Ÿπ—œπ—˜ ! !6 Comments


a welcome home layout!! pls don’t use as a base :DD feel free 2 change anything! there’s more stuff then i can fit on screenshot :] EXTRAS: (THE CODES FOR THE IMAGES IN INTERESTS:) GENERAL:

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