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— by KatzeKarkasse30 Comments

Aero Dark

Aero Dark is a layout I made for myself because I like Frutiger Aero and Windows 7/Vista and I prefer dark modes. It's based on the Dark Aero and Frutiger Aurora aesthetics. I tried to make it somewhat easily adjustable (you can quickly change primary and secondary accent colors, background image url and both hue and saturation of profile picture frames in variables at the top of the layout code)....

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— by MetalHeart12 Comments

— by nullptr4 Comments


from the creator of aerochat, aero7; a spacehey layout which looks like windows vista/7 ;3

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— by Tobben van Elric5 Comments

Purple tab

not necessary comment if using :3

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— by Stardust Sleep1 Comment

Windows Media Player Aero Template

you can edit what is displayed on the media player software by opening capcut, using it as an overlay over any clip or footage you want, turning it into a gif, and then replacing the baseplate image with it, I am making more Windows Media Player templates as we speak

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— by Feral Dawgg ☆11 Comments

Windows Media Player Frame Thingy

Just something simple i made, wanted to share this for anyone that is brand BRAND new to html/css and wanted to do something like this. its just 2 images and a youtube embedd.. nothing crazy. // EDIT: i just made some other frames for this, theyre all in this imgbb album :D ➡➡

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— by IPTVman39 Comments

Windows Live PFP Border

This is the PFP border from my Windows 7 Layout if you want to use it on other layouts.

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— by idioteque80 Comments

windows 7 aero glass desktop

more layouts! Windows 7 - Aero Glass UPDATE 10/21/23: THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR USING THIS!!!!! since a lot of cool people are using it, i updated the code to be mobile-friendly too ^_^ so sorry if it was borked on mobileee i was still learning...... i still am re-copy and paste the code to see changes :D UPDATE 11/27/23: oh lord. This might not be mobile friendly at all . Actually none of my layouts ...

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— by psyclone45 Comments

Windows 7 inspired logo v2

2nd revision of the logo i made a while back but only published yesterday, this one is usable even with the default navbar

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— by IPTVman9 Comments

Windows 7 Aero Basic

This theme is for enhanced readability purposes

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— by IPTVman39 Comments

Windows 7 Aero Glass V2

This is a heavily optimized and modified version of my old Windows 7 layout, it now has animations, easier customization, more realism and even a PFP border.

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— by Izzy4 Comments

Aero Roses Profile

Another profile layout! Feel free to give your opinion on it! : D

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