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Red/black simple

Tags: red, black


✧ feel free to change it up to your style.
✧ if you have any questions, comment below or in this blog post
✧ copy and paste the code to your "about me" section.
✧ you can copy and paste the code here or here to preview it before you add it to your profile.
✧ I appreciate your comments ٩(๑❛ᴗ❛๑)۶ 

***remember that it's against spacehey rules to hide the spacehey logo, search bar, or logout buttons in the navigation.***


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Copy and paste this code into the "About me" section of your Profile to use it.

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Canurhorsedoafrickinwheel...'s profile picture

this is so cool

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Nox's profile picture

Thank you for making this, it's awesome.

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mawce's profile picture

this is honestly rly nice

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Achilles_is_void's profile picture

cute asf, thanks bro :)

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Joe's profile picture

Thanks. Gonna try this out now. Looks great.

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vampirgrl's profile picture

thanx im gonna use this :3

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SnowKote's profile picture

im using it ty!! nice work

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TOBYY's profile picture

Using ,, thx so mch #!!!

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ian mckinley enthusiast

ian mckinley enthusiast's profile picture

im gonna do this!! ty!!

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mxxn rxsc

mxxn rxsc's profile picture

ohh im gonna try this ! its so pretty >

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Zombie's profile picture

May be using this, luv ur work

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leo ⛧

leo ⛧'s profile picture

i love this sm, i'll be using this, thanks!!

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♱ link ♱

♱ link ♱'s profile picture

this is so perfect thanks so much

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