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Anti Valentine Layout

Tags: red, black, simple, bela


If you have any questions, please comment below or go to my blog here.

Image Credits —

    ⇘ Body Background:

    ⇘ Navigation and other boxes background:

    ⇘ Contact images:

    ⇘ .url-info Background:,


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kelsie <3

kelsie <3's profile picture


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Deuca1ion_'s profile picture

so pretty tysm!!!!!

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Dulcimer's profile picture

gorgeous ty!!!!

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trashbbyb 's profile picture

I love this ! thank you so much.

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ProxyRipJaw's profile picture

omg yesssss

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Cal Angelos

Cal Angelos's profile picture

i love this!! so nice

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blake<33's profile picture

hey i rlly like this but id prefer if the blog space was somewhere else, different, or not there but i know nothing abt code any help?:o

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ah I'm sure there is a way but it involves changing the original grid layout but I'm not good at that lol if you just want to remove it all together you can add the code .blog-preview {display:none;}

by Bela 🔊⬆; ; Report

ok ill try it out thank you !!

by blake<33; ; Report

Brandie States

Brandie States's profile picture

Loving this one!

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by Bela 🔊⬆; ; Report


psycho's profile picture

using this as a base. thank you! ♡

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you're welcome!

by Bela 🔊⬆; ; Report


josiesomething's profile picture

I am full-on dead. This is awesome and totally reminiscent of 2005 emo days. Thanks!

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thank you so much, I appreciate it! :)

by Bela 🔊⬆; ; Report


XxDahliaxX's profile picture

Absolutely love it! Thank you for posting this. Giving me early emo phase of my childhood lol

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you're welcome! I'm glad you're enjoying it :D

by Bela 🔊⬆; ; Report


Josefina's profile picture

I love this layout! Thank you! :)

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you're welcome :)

by Bela 🔊⬆; ; Report

ash lynx

ash lynx's profile picture

seriously love all the profile you create!

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Thank you! I love your layouts too 💜

by Bela 🔊⬆; ; Report