main layout code part 1

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hey so i hope this helps anyone with their profile. ive taken out the image, gifs and glitter text links so you know where to add your own images and gifs (note - the url has to end with gif or jpg/jpeg sometimes after the word gif there might be 1 number or letter, it should still work)

you can change the colors as well

where it says nav on its own with the option to add url it means the very top part of the page with spacehey logo and search bar + links

youll get to understand what part is what when adding in the url in said sections

link for glitter text generator:

you can change the font for your main page too, i recommend using google fonts , when youve chosen the font click the import option and copy and paste (note - i kept the font code i used in incase anyone wanted it) but you can change it by getting rid of it to paste your code in but you will need to keep the body part of the code above the style

i hope this helps

to see the full profile click on my profile


Layout Screenshot

Copy and paste this code into the "About me" section of your Profile to use it.

Caution: This Layout was not inspected by SpaceHey — use it at your own risk.


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JASMINE HII is this CSS coding like would it work on as well? x

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i need help, the colors arent showing up, its just the font color that is..

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i took all the images out so you can fully design yourself, in the brackets ive said where you would need to put the image/gif url

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Hi! I'm so confused on how to get this layout to work. It shows up without the glitter font, background and any images. I've no clue how to do this
Thanks for any help!

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I took all the images out as its just the code for the main layout , its so anyone can add there own images if they don't want an already made layout

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It looks so cool omgg

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Lana <3

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thankyou bae

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Scarlett June <3

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I'm still a lil confused on how to change the color and font. can anyone help me?

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You can delete this part

@import url('');

And then on google search google fonts
There will be a huge variety of fonts to choose from

When you find one you like click use font /choose font, cant remember exactly what it says

It should then open up a little box on the right side it will already have a code made , there will be 2 options to choose from above the coding

Click import and it will have a smaller code like the one i pasted into this main page coding

Copy the code and then paste it at the top of the main coding
On the font coding i said to keep just delete the name /names of the font from it and between the quotation marks type in the name /names of the font you just pasted

Then save and view profile to see if it changed

The changing colours is confusing i still haven't 100%undersrood it other than just to try and figure out what bit is what and change the # numbers

#000000 is black

Any hex codes (the colours) you want search up for Instance "blue hex code" then copy and paste the shade code you want to replace one already within the main code

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Thank you so much!
sorry for asking so many questions but how do you add a YouTube video like on your profile?

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No worries and its ok ^-^ on youtube click on the video you want and click share , ignore your on your pc or mac it will come up with an embed option, click that and then copy and paste the code

The width and height will be too big but you can edit it i think it was to 350 width and height 215 that's should be all you need to change

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yes it worked thank you so much :3

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Yayy glad it helped ^-^

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This is so cool thank you!

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Ellie <3

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i absolutely adore this

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this is so cool omg

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0mGGG thiSs iS aMaziiNgg!!! ^___^ ty

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this is amazing!!!!!!!!

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