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first layout, scene theme!!

Tags: scenecore, scene, emo, purple, green


m4d3 thiz just 4 fun 4nd th0ught id sh4re XD


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i am about to see how this goes i havnt done myspace like stuff sense the myspace days lmao

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I'm way to excited about all the coding I'm going to relearn.

by Stephi; ; Report


:⨳𝐬𝐨𝐜𝐤⨳:'s profile picture

snatching this to help me make a weirdcore layout >:)

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I used this one, its awesome!

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for future layoutz, dw about trying to make the about me editable !! itz already editable by default, all u have to do iz write what u want in the about, then hit enter twice before adding the code !!

pz: i really love thiz layout, i'll be uzing it from now on :3

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thank u !!!

by jinxxx; ; Report

ofc !!

by blake; ; Report


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super cute xD used

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