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Festival Marketplace

Tags: retro, vintage, 80s, 90s, food, store, checkers, white


Theme based after vintage supermarkets from the 80's and 90's. It's sort of an amalgamation of things I found in photos on the Cari site, and a mishmash of elements that don't work too well together but look nice anyways. This is a very nice theme to use if you want your page to look like the store your grandma goes to to buy groceries!

ALSO, ALL the colors that aren't used on the lattice background for interests or the basket background are customizable. I'm not saying It'll look better if you make the background bright red or anything, but the opportunity is there!

ALSO ALSO, The entire page uses web-safe colors. There isn't really any way to set this on the shadows or profile pictures, but anything that can be web-safe is. There isn't any practical or good reason for this, I just like web safe colors :]

Update note about mobile? The theme looks alright but I might need to fix the taskbar sometime. Not likely but I'll think about it.


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K Angel

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gone for good (got a life now)

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Using :33

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I love the way this looks!!! Defintely gonna use ٩(^ᗜ^ )و ´-

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Davey Treen

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Wow I love this! Will definitely be using! Not only does this remind me of the local supermarket that didn’t renovate until a couple years ago, it also reminds me of Papa’s Pizzeria, one of my favorite computer games!

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Ellie Bees

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this is awesome !! i love it :D

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using!!! i love this layout sm TY

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This is dope as fuck. using for sure

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I love this so much??? the fuck tysm for sharing this to the public

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