tiemfeld (george existanza ft. tony the clock)

Tags: seinfeld, time, gif, simple, confetti, tony, dhmis, clock, funny, white


Click here to see the full SS. This is my third layout. :-) Feel free to change anything you want in the code. No creds needed for anything. The confetti behind the module/table area, the balloons replacing the logo, and the peeking tony the clock from dhmis are all gifs. Images jiggle when you hover over them. Highlighted text is white text with red highlight (highlight code optimized for firefox; may not work on other browsers). Anything hidden can easily be unhidden by removing the display codes that hide them. Every display tweak or effect is separated by additional style tags and plenty of spacing so that it's all nice and easy to format to your liking. You'll need to add your own links to add or view comments if you want those profile features. Enjoy. ^.^


Layout Screenshot
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