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Custom SpaceHey layout commissions. (CLOSED)

Tags: custom, commissions, internetcore, cybercore, webcore, technocore, futurecore, futurism, future


Where to pay? Here: https://ko-fi.com/narendil_ivanneth/commissions

Keep in mind, if you want me to edit something after 24 hours, you will be charged $6. My time is valuable to me.

I included almost everything but if you want me to add something more, I will do it. Just let me know. Keep in mind that SpaceHey does not allow certain coding things.

- Profile intro or lines.

- Custom floating profile (there’s 4).

- Custom background music (optional, but if you want music, please give me the link of the song/music/audio you want.)

- Custom videos/Spotify on about me.

- Custom cursors.

- Custom dividers (color, gradient (3+) or background photo).

- Custom notification bell (16px x 16px).

- Glowing words.

- Profile banner (Any: Short, medium or long).

- Custom font (existent ones).

- Custom pin icon (14x14).

- Custom online icon (16x16 - 30x30).

- Custom contact icons (16x16 - 20x20).

- Photo instead the URL info (Width and height is optional, recommended would be 261px x 150px).

- Little icon or words instead of “User’s Blurbs”. (16x16)

- Custom scrollbar.

- Friend space and friend’s comments profile color. (They aren’t the original color but the color you choose.)

- Floating photos (as much as you want).

- [Optional] One column profile or flipped profile.

- Most of the things that you can see on my profile.

The preview is showing my own layout so you can have an idea of how I do it.


Layout Screenshot
click on the image for a larger preview

Copy and paste this code into the "About me" section of your Profile to use it.

Caution: This Layout was not inspected by SpaceHey — use it at your own risk.


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how much do you charge for a custom layout? ヽ(>∀<☆)ノ

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The cost of the custom layout will vary depending on its complexity, typically ranging from $40 to $60. The next opening for commissions will be on June 25 or 27.

by i026; ; Report

okii tysm >w<

by dani; ; Report

They are open now.

by i026; ; Report


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Curious, do you have experience making layouts for mobile only users ? /gen question.

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by i026; ; Report