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my melody ?? my melody.

hi !! i made this and then forgot about it so . consider it a gift from me. idrc what you do with it, but please don't reupload it . thank youuuuuuuuuu love you also, just so you're aware, the scalloped edges are done with a mask around the text boxes, so any images in the boxes will not be visible if you position them outside your blurlbs. sorry bout that, there's probably a better way to do it t...

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another pink layout 💖

hey hey, thought i'd upload this, so i too can have a pink layout uploaded LOL credit would be appreciated but i don't really care anymore. go ahead and change what you want, make it your own :) if something breaks, lemme know and i'll try to help you :D please do not reupload this. please do not edit or use this as a base and then reupload this. thank u have a nice day

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pompompurin layout :3

hiii !!! this is the layout another i have uploaded was based off of, so i figured, why not dust it off and post it as well? add some variety, yknow? im here to represent the sanrio cast that aren't my melody and kuromi LMAO this should work on mobile, it works just fine on my own phone again, change, recolor, or add whatever you would like, i am posting this for you to have fun with. so go nuts b...

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keroppi layout :3

first layout im ever uploading .... try not to think about how much of a mess the css is. add, remove, or generally change anything you want, go absolutely wild dude. note that it does have autoplay music written into it now. credit is appreciated but not necessary :3. i'd rather you didn't use this as a base or template though?? as in i'd rather you didn't edit this and upload it as your own. if ...

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