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pompompurin layout :3

Tags: yellow, pompompurin, sanrio, cute, pastel


hiii !!! this is the layout another i have uploaded was based off of, so i figured, why not dust it off and post it as well? add some variety, yknow? im here to represent the sanrio cast that aren't my melody and kuromi LMAO
this should work on mobile, it works just fine on my own phone

again, change, recolor, or add whatever you would like, i am posting this for you to have fun with. so go nuts bro !!!
i have a few added classes at the end that i explained in some comments, so i'd recommend giving them a read. if you have any questions, lemme know and i'll do my best 2 help u :) i know i tend to talk. a lot. and it can get confusing.

credit IS appreciated but not entirely necessary.
and if you repost this i will hunt you down and eat your bones.

yes i know the cursor is rilakkuma but shhhhhh shhhhhhhhh its fine SHHHH


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